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May 2024 Calendar

Free printable May 2024 calendar templates that you can download as-is or customize online before you print. Instant download with no registration required.

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You can edit the text and add any features to any calendar.

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Select a sample calendar template from the selection below. Click on the black button to open the May 2024 calendar. Feel free to add May quotes to each of the calendars.

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With our calendar maker, you can personalize your calendar with any color you like. So, why not choose May colors? May is marked by vibrant greens and bright florals, capturing the full bloom of spring and the anticipation of summer. These colors reflect the lushness of nature and the energy of longer days. Customizing your calendar with May’s colors can make organizing your month not just practical, but also a vibrant tribute to the season’s liveliness and growth.

List of Holidays in May 2024

12 – Mother’s Day 27 – Memorial Day

May in Different Languages

Afrikaans: Mei

Arabic: مايو (mayū)

Bengali: মে (me)

Bulgarian: май (may)

Catalan: maig

Chinese: 五月 (wǔ yuè)

Croatian: svibanj

Czech: květen

Danish: maj

Dutch: mei

Filipino: Mayo

Finnish: toukokuu

French: mai

German: Mai

Greek: Μάιος (Máios)

Hebrew: מאי (mai)

Hindi: मई (mai)

Hungarian: május

Indonesian: Mei

Irish: Bealtaine

Italian: maggio

Japanese: 五月 (gogatsu)

Korean: 5월 (o-wol)

Latvian: maijs

Lithuanian: gegužė

Macedonian: мај (maj)

Norwegian: mai

Polish: maj

Portuguese: maio

Romanian: mai

Russian: май (may)

Spanish: mayo

Swedish: maj

Thai: พฤษภาคม (phrútsà-phā-khom)

Turkish: Mayıs

Ukrainian: травень (traven’)

Vietnamese: tháng năm

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