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Purchase Order Template

We offer a free purchase order template that you can customize to suit your business’ needs. Instant download.

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The downloadable purchase order template is free for both personal and commercial use, but you cannot put it on the internet without linking back to this site.

Free Printable Purchase Order Template

The free printable PO template is available in two different formats so you can choose the one that works best for you. Add your company logo, your company name, address, website, and telephone number. Don’t forget to add your shipping information as well. Each time you create a PO, use this same template. Use the vendor section to add the seller’s contact information.

Purchase Order Template Excel

The PO template Excel format is perfect when you need to do calculations such as the total quantity or total price. With an Excel format, there is no need to calculate which simplifies things when you have multiple items.

The Excel order form template comes in 5 different designs and layouts.

Purchase Order Template Word

This PO template Word format is great for those who feel comfortable using and editing Word documents. You can make changes such as change text and titles and even add additional columns. Make the printable purchase order form template your own. Each time you use it, save it under a different name (such as the PO number).

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Word | Excel

This is a simple purchase order template with only the basic data necessary. It is perfect for small businesses with no fuss.

Purchase Order Format

You can use any format you wish, however, the following details are usually included:

Company name – add the name of the company that is placing the order.

Contact details – these are the details of the buyer. It is important to list in case the seller has a question. If the company is big and only a specific person deals with this order then be sure to list that contact person with their specific details.

PO # – this is the PO number that the buyer issues.

Vendor’s details – these are the details of the seller.

Shipping address – this is the address where you want the seller to ship the goods to.

Shipping method – if you are requesting a specific shipping method then add this too. Not all of the templates add this field but you can add it easily if you select a template that does not include it.

Shipping terms – this refers to the shipping incoterms that determine who takes responsibility for the shipping.

Logo – if you have a company logo then add it here. You don’t need to add it. To add a logo, click on the dummy logo and go to the format tab and under picture tools (in the adjust group) click on “change picture”. Locate your logo and double-click it.

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Purchase Order Sample

Here is a purchase order form sample. Some people prefer to use a blank purchase order form each time and others prefer to create a purchase order example that they use over and over. Each time they use it, they replace the specific details of the transaction. Choose the method that best works for you.


What is a purchase order?

A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document created by the buyer which lists products that the buyer agrees to purchase and the commercial terms that the buyer agrees to such as the price, payment terms, quantities, etc. It is used when one business purchases from another business. Once the PO is issued and accepted, a binding agreement is formed between the buyer and seller.

How to make a purchase order in Excel

There is no need to start from scratch. Select any of the templates above and customize it to suit your business. You can also add a logo or image if you want to.

Is a PO a legal document?

Once the PO is issued and accepted then a binding contract exists between the buyer and seller. A PO is often used to protect the seller in the event that the buyer refuses to pay for the goods or services that the buyer ordered. A PO is regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code.

Can the PO be sent electronically?

Yes, you can use the Word, Excel, or PDF version and send it by email or over the internet. If you use the Word or Excel version, you should save it as PDF before you send it by email. You can type your details into the PDF document. You can also print a copy of the completed form and fax it to the seller.

Who should sign a purchase order?

Some of the templates have space for the signature of the person authorized to sign. Each company will have internal policies that determine who is authorized to sign. Make sure that a PO is never signed by someone who does not have the authorization to do so.

What is the difference between a PO template, an order form template, and an invoice?

An order form template and an invoice are provided by a seller and a PO template is provided by a buyer.

On a PO form you can specify the terms you require such as your payment terms. Many companies pay net 30 or 60 days and this should be clearly detailed. If the seller accepts your PO then the seller also accepts the terms specified in the PO.

An invoice is created by the seller to bill the buyer for products or services purchased. The invoice should include the PO number issued.

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