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Save the Date Templates

Free custom save the date templates that you can create online in a few minutes and nobody will believe they were free!

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There is a lot to do when you plan a wedding, including picking a destination, discussing a wedding budget, and choosing dates. However, one of the most important things you must do is invite your guests to your wedding by sending save-the-date cards and wedding invitations to everyone you plan to invite to your wedding. We offer free customizable save-the-date templates that you can download instantly and without registration.

What are Save the Date Cards?

Save the date wedding cards are official announcements about your wedding. It usually includes the location and date of your wedding celebration. It gives your guests a heads-up that they are invited to your celebration.

Save the Date Template

Create DIY save the dates that you can customize online and download free of charge! You can make cheap save-the-date cards by using our free templates and printing them yourself. You can make free digital save-the-date templates by downloading the final product as an image and sending them by email or WhatsApp. We offer many custom save-the-date designs and you are sure to find at least one that you love!

Here are some save-the-date examples that you can customize online and print at home. All the save the dates templates are free to customize and download.

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This is a Polaroid save the date announcement.

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There is a reason why beach save the dates are so popular!

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Save the Date Calendar

Add the calendar for the month of the wedding and then drag the heart to the wedding day.

Add your own photo and drag the text anywhere. You can edit the text and add more details if you want to.

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How to Make Your Own Save the Date Cards

  1. Click on the button above to open the save the date maker.
  2. Select a template. If you select a template with a photo then upload your photo.
  3. Edit the text.
  4. If you are making an electronic save the date then download it as a png or Jpg file. If you want to print, then select the PDF version.

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How to Make a Save the Date Calendar

  1. Open the save the date creator by clicking on the button above.
  2. Select the save the date calendar template.
  3. Select the month of your wedding.
  4. Drag the heart to the wedding date.

Is it Necessary to Send Save the Date Cards?

Yes! It’s important to let your guests know about your wedding plans as far in advance as possible. First, it ensures that your guests will be able to attend. The further notice you give your family and friends, the more likely it is that they will be able to participate in your wedding and take off from work.

Second, weddings usually involve traveling of some sort to a destination. It’s important to give your guests a heads-up, especially if you choose popular dates to get married, such as on a weekend or holiday. If you’re planning a destination wedding, save the dates allow your guests to save up for your wedding, increasing attendance at your wedding.

When to Send Save The Dates?

How far in advance do you send save the dates? You want to let your guests know about your wedding at least six months before your wedding date. If you’re planning a destination wedding, consider eight to twelve months as your window to send out save the date cards.

This time frame will provide your guests with enough time to budget, book transportation and accommodations for your event. If you send save the date cards out later than these dates, you’re essentially just sending an invitation. If you send them earlier, they might get lost among the sea of other obligations your guests might have.

Who Should You Send Save the Date Cards to?

Send Save the Date cards to anyone you plan to invite to the wedding, including the bridal party, groomsmen, family members, and friends. Even if you have received confirmation from your guests, it’s best to still send them a save the date card so that they have a physical reminder of the relevant information about your wedding.

How to Address Save the Dates?

Traditionally save the date cards are sent through the mail. If most of your guests are online, you can choose to send your save the dates through e-mail. However, this method has a few downsides, including sending to the wrong e-mail, getting sent to spam, or sending to an e-mail that your guests don’t frequently check.

Save the Date Wording

It’s okay not to have every detail figured out for your cards, but you should at least have basic information available for your guests. Make sure your Save the Date includes information such as your name and your significant other’s name, the wedding location, the date of the wedding, and a note that lets them know a formal invitation will be sent later.

If you’re not set on a venue, listing a city or town and date will work just fine. Most Save the Date cards feature a picture of the couple, usually from the engagement session, along with a link to the wedding website. It’s not appropriate to include a registry link on the Save the Date cards, but it can be linked through your wedding website.

Save the Date Vs Invitation

Save the date cards are meant to let your guest know that there is a wedding occurring and that they are invited to the wedding. It gives general details such as a date and location so that guests can start to save money or plan travel arrangements.

Wedding invitations, on the other hand, are formal invitations to your wedding. The official invitations are sent out about 1 ½ to 2 months before the wedding and serve to officially confirm attendance at your wedding. The invitation should have more information about the event, such as a hotel to stay at, the event’s location, and even the schedule of the wedding. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’re also going to need to include welcome receptions, brunch, dinners, or any other special events you are planning to host before the day of the wedding.

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