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Secret Santa Questions

Free printable Secret Santa template with Secret Santa questions that you can edit or change.

Secret Santa template

What is Secret Santa

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is supposed to remain a secret. Since the draw is random, people are often assigned someone they don’t know at all and have no idea what to buy. We offer you two sets of printables to overcome this obstacle and ensure that you buy the perfect gift even if you have never exchanged a word with the recipient.

Free Secret Santa Template Printables

On this page, you will find a free printable Secret Santa template for every purpose. If there is a printable that you would like us to add, then please leave a comment below.

Secret Santa Questionnaire

If you are not close to the person to who you were assigned to give a gift, then chances are you will have no idea what to buy. Our free printable Secret Santa questionnaire is designed to help you figure out what to buy. Each survey includes a list of Secret Santa questions that will give you an idea of what each person likes, which gift they would like to receive, and which gift they would hate to receive.

Some of the templates have a lot of questions, whereas others are shorter with fewer questions. The longer surveys will ensure that the gift giver has a better idea of what to buy, but some people might not have the patience to fill it out.

Each Secret Santa form above is available in three different formats: Microsoft Word, Editable PDF, or an image file (jpg).

Office Secret Santa Questions with space to add your logo or photo

Online Secret Santa Form Maker

Use our online form maker to select the background and edit the text.

On the following printables, you can add a photo or logo, you can change the background or remove it and you can add images, clipart, or other widgets. This is perfect to create office Secret Santa questions since you can select a border that works for your company and you can upload your company logo.

List of questions with a gold striped border
Secret Santa gift exchange with a thin red border on the top and bottom of the page and "Merry Christmas" at the top of the page
Please note that you cannot edit the questions on these templates. If you want to edit the questions or type the answers then please select a template from above in Word format or editable PDF.
Editable form with space to customize the header text

Secret Santa Wish List

Although the Secret Santa survey above is a fun way to play the game, some people will not want to fill it out. They might prefer to get straight to the point and write what they would like to receive. For those people, we offer a Secret Santa wish list template. Ask each person to list four or five gifts they would like to receive. Ask them to be as specific as possible. This will increase their chances of getting what they want and help the gift giver understand exactly what they are expecting to receive or what they would like.

You can create a Secret Santa wish list printable from any of the designs above since you can edit the list template and title.

Christmas Wish List Template with cute clipart around the page
Wish list template with gold and white border and a gold glitter image
Checklist template with a red chevron border
checklist template with Christmas clipart
Secret Santa wish list with a very plain background
Christmas Wish List with a red and white border and a cute penguin

Customize & Print

Secret Santa Sign-up Sheet

Either pass around this Secret Santa sign-up sheet or hang it up somewhere everyone will see it. You can change the border and add a logo or image.

Office sign up sheet with two columns

You can also add text to these sign-up sheets so if you have any Secret Santa rules you can add them to the sign-up template. For example, some people ask participants not to spend more than $x. You can add this sum to the sheet. To add text, click on the A icon and type your text. Drag it to wherever you want it to appear. You can make the checklist smaller and you can change the checklist by selecting another one.

Secret Santa sign up sheet
Christmas Sign up sheet with two checklists
Gift exchange sign up sheet with a gold and white border

Customize & Print

Secret Santa Rules

  1. Ask people who want to participate in the game to sign up. See our free printable Secret Santa sign-up sheet.
  2. You might want to set a budget for each gift. This will ensure that everyone buys and receives a similar gift. You don’t want someone spending $100 and receiving a $10 gift.
  3. Give each person who is going to participate in the gift exchange a Secret Santa questionnaire or wish list and ask them to fill it out. Make sure they write their name on it and return it folded.
  4. Put all the folded pages into a bowl or basket.
  5. Ask each person to draw a page, one by one, without showing anyone which one they drew.
  6. Set a date for the gift exchange.
  7. When you get together to exchange gifts, make sure that each gift has the recipient’s name on it.

Either let the identity of each gift giver remain a secret or play a game where each person opens their gift and tries to guess who it is from.

Where can you play Secret Santa?

At the office

The ideal Secret Santa questionnaire for work will depend on how many people are taking part and how well the coworkers know each other. If you think people won’t have the patience to fill out the questions, you might prefer to use a Secret Santa wish list printable.

At school for teachers

Our Secret Santa printable is ideal for teachers. You can use the editable gift questionnaire and add questions that relate to school supplies and gifts that are more specific to teachers. For example, which school supplies are you always running out of?

At school for kids

You can use our free printable Secret Santa questions for kids. If you want to shorten the questionnaire, use the Word version, and delete some of the questions. You can also use the wish list.

Sample Secret Santa Questions

Here are some Secret Santa questions you can include in your questionnaire. Our printable templates include some of the questions from this list. We didn’t include all questions in each template as you don’t want it to be too tiresome. This list is very long but you can choose the best Secret Santa questions from the list for the budget you are setting. If you want to edit the questions, then select one of the editable versions.

Sports and Fitness

  • Do you play any sports?
  • What is your favorite sport?
  • Which professional sport do you enjoy the most?
  • What is your favorite sports team?
  • Who is your favorite athlete?
  • Do you enjoy any outdoor activities?
  • Which sports team or athlete do you admire the most?
  • If you could attend any sporting event in the world, which one would you choose?
  • Is there a particular sports equipment or gear that you would like to own?
  • Do you have a favorite sports quote or mantra that inspires you?
  • Are there any sports-related hobbies or activities that you enjoy outside of watching or playing?
  • If you could meet any famous athlete, who would it be and why?
  • Do you have a favorite sports moment or memory that stands out to you?
  • What is your favorite sport to watch or play? Why does it appeal to you?
  • What is your preferred fitness activity or exercise routine? Why does it work for you?
  • Are there any particular fitness goals or challenges you’re currently working towards?
  • Are there any specific sports equipment or gear that you would like to own or upgrade?
  • Are there any sports or fitness activities that you’ve been wanting to try or learn more about?


  • What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities to do in your free time?
  • Are there any new hobbies or interests that you’ve been wanting to explore?
  • Do you have a preferred type of crafting or DIY project that you enjoy?
  • Is there a particular book, movie, or TV show that you’re currently obsessed with?
  • Are you into any sports or physical activities outside of your regular hobbies?
  • Do you have a favorite musical instrument or any interest in learning to play one?
  • Are you a fan of board games or video games? If so, do you have any favorites?
  • Do you enjoy cooking or baking? Is there a specific type of cuisine you like to experiment with?
  • Are you interested in any outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or gardening?
  • Do you have a specific hobby-related item or accessory that you’ve been eyeing lately?

Getting to know you

  • Magazines you read
  • Favorite scent: favorite perfume or cologne
  • Favorite color
  • Favorite book or genre of book?
  • Favorite author
  • Favorite flower
  • Favorite artist
  • Do you collect anything?
  • The type of music do you like / favorite band?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Where would the perfect day be?
  • Who is your hero?
  • What is your mobile wallpaper?
  • What fictional place would you like to visit?


  • Favorite TV show?
  • Last TV show you binged watched?
  • Favorite actress or actor
  • Favorite movie
  • Favorite three music albums?
  • What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Favorite things

  • One thing you can’t live without?
  • One thing you always need more of?
  • What do you like to splurge on?
  • Which fashion item could you not live without?
  • Favorite part of the day?
  • Favorite place you like to visit?


  • Favorite type of food
  • Favorite candy
  • Favorite restaurant
  • Favorite beverage
  • Favorite coffee shop
  • Favorite cookie
  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • Favorite comfort food
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Are there any specific dishes or recipes that hold a special place in your heart? What makes them memorable?
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions or preferences (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) that should be considered?
  • Are you a fan of trying new foods and flavors, or do you prefer sticking to familiar dishes?
  • Do you enjoy cooking or baking? If so, what are some of your favorite dishes or desserts to prepare?
  • Are there any unique or exotic ingredients that you like to experiment with in the kitchen?
  • Is there a particular restaurant or cafe that you frequent and would recommend to others?
  • Do you have a favorite snack or comfort food that you enjoy indulging in?
  • Are you a coffee or tea enthusiast? Do you have any specific preferences when it comes to your hot beverages?
  • Is there a food-related experience or culinary adventure that you’ve been wanting to try?

This or That

(Mark the correct answer)

  • Sweet or savory?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Beer or wine?
  • Coffee or hot chocolate?
  • Healthy food or junk food?
  • Video games or nature?
  • Antique or modern?
  • A deserted island or a busy city?
  • Android or Apple?
  • Bright colors or neutral colors?
  • Read a book or listen to an audiobook?
  • Favorite time of the year: winter or summer?


  • What has been your most memorable travel experience so far, and why?
  • Is there a dream destination that you’ve always wanted to visit? If so, where is it and why does it intrigue you?
  • Do you prefer adventurous trips or relaxing vacations? Why?
  • What is your favorite vacation spot that you’ve been to, and what makes it special to you?
  • Are you more drawn to exploring cities or immersing yourself in nature when you travel?
  • Are there any specific landmarks or historical sites that you’re interested in visiting someday?
  • Do you have any funny or interesting travel anecdotes or mishaps that you’d like to share?
  • Are you a fan of road trips? If so, what’s the most memorable road trip you’ve taken?
  • Are there any local or lesser-known destinations that you would recommend to others?

Technology and gadgets

  • What is your favorite piece of technology or gadget that you currently own?
  • Are you more interested in smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other devices? Why?
  • Do you have a favorite brand or manufacturer when it comes to technology and gadgets?
  • Are there any specific features or functionalities that you look for in a new device?
  • Is there a particular gadget or accessory that you’ve been eyeing recently? What is it and why?
  • Are you into smart home devices or wearable technology? If yes, which ones do you have or want to try?
  • Do you enjoy exploring new apps or software? Are there any that you highly recommend?
  • Are you a gamer? If so, do you have a preferred gaming console or any favorite video games?
  • Do you have any specific tech-related skills or interests, such as programming, photography, or graphic design?
  • Are there any upcoming or rumored gadgets that you’re excited about?

Books and entertainment:

  • What is your all-time favorite book or series? Why does it resonate with you?
  • Are you more into fiction or non-fiction? What are some of your favorite books in that genre?
  • Do you have a preferred author or director whose work you always look forward to? Why?
  • Are there any specific literary genres or movie genres that you enjoy the most? Which ones?
  • Do you have a favorite book-to-movie adaptation? How does it compare to the original work?
  • Are there any upcoming book releases or movie premieres that you’re eagerly anticipating?
  • Do you have a go-to comfort movie or a book that you frequently revisit? What is it?
  • Are you a fan of any particular TV show or series? Which one(s) and what do you like about them?
  • Do you prefer physical books, e-books, or audiobooks? Why?
  • Is there a book or movie that has had a significant impact on your life or worldview? What is it and why?

Goals and Aspirations

  • What are some of your short-term goals that you’re currently working towards?
  • Is there a particular long-term goal or dream that you aspire to achieve in the future?
  • Are there any specific skills or knowledge that you’re interested in learning or developing?
  • Do you have any travel destinations or experiences that are on your bucket list?
  • Are there any professional or career-related milestones that you’re aiming for?
  • Have you considered any personal development or self-improvement goals?
  • Are there any charitable or philanthropic causes that you’re passionate about supporting?
  • Is there a hobby or passion project that you’ve been wanting to dedicate more time to?
  • Are there any adventurous or adrenaline-pumping activities that you’ve always wanted to try?
  • Do you have any goals or aspirations related to health and wellness?

Anything else your Secret Santa should know?


If you don’t want to use our Secret Santa questionnaire templates and prefer to use a blank page, then copy and paste the questions above on a blank document.

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