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Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist | International Travel Checklist | Baby Travel Checklist

The last thing you want to do when you travel is to forget to pack something. Use our free travel checklist to ensure you pack everything you’ll need!

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This travel checklist includes any item you might need on your trip. Select the items you want to include and the checklist app will create a personalized packing list that will include only the items you selected. Download the list in PDF format, print it or send it by email. You can also check the list online and it saves your selection until you come back to the list.

What to pack for vacation

Not sure what to pack for a trip? This travel checklist will ensure that you don’t forget to pack anything before your trip. The list is very comprehensive but your final printable travel packing list will only include the items you have selected. Since each person’s definition of “travel essentials” is so different, there is no such thing as a universal travel list. The things to pack for a trip differ according to the length of your trip, your accommodation, your travel plans, and your personality.

What to pack in a carry-on

There are some carry on essentials you don’t want to forget at home. See the carry-on checklist to ensure that you don’t forget any of them. Keep in mind that the list will differ from person to person. Select only the items you want to appear on your custom list. If you are going on a long trip and you cannot sleep without a neck cushion, then you will want to keep that on your packing checklist. However, if you find those neck pillows useless, as do many people, then don’t select it. The online travel checklist on this page includes all things to take on a trip. However, only the items you select will appear on your customized vacation packing list. Don’t forget to ensure that you have packed none of the items that cannot be in your carryon luggage such as sharp objects, knives, explosive or flammable materials, and other dangerous items. Check the liquid limits. They usually go according to the container and not the quantity in the container so even if you have a small amount of liquid in a large container, they will confiscate it.

International travel checklist

The international travel checklist is similar to the generic vacation checklist but includes additional items such as a passport, foreign currency, and other things to take on vacation overseas. Please note that the travel toiletries list assumes that those items will be checked in. If you are taking toiletries overseas, then you will need to check the current security regulations regarding liquids in a carry-on. Most hotels will provide toiletries so unless you need to use your brand you will get most items from your hotel anyway. Even if you need to buy one or two small items, it still might cost less than checking your luggage if you were not planning to do so. Some low-cost air tickets do not include any check-in luggage. Before you pack for a trip make sure that you check the regulations so that nothing is confiscated from you.

Trip packing list for specific vacations

This checklist includes things to bring on a trip where you will be staying at a hotel, hostel or with friends. If you are going camping, then please check our camping checklist.

Unique Activities

Feel free to add items to the checklist. At the bottom of each section, there is an option to add additional items. What to bring on vacation depends a lot on the activities you plan to do during your vacation. If you like to work out every day, then you will need to bring additional clothing. If you plan to surf, then you might need your surfboard. We tried to include all things to pack when traveling but you still might need to personalize your list. Any items you add to the travel checklist app will appear in your PDF file.

Baby Travel Checklist

If you are traveling with a baby or toddler, then please select the baby/toddler travel checklist. This list will add the necessities that you will need for an infant. If your baby or toddler needs anything else, then just add it to the list. There is space to add items at the bottom of the list.

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