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Wedding Seating Chart

Free printable and editable wedding seating chart templates to plan the seating arrangements for a wedding or any big event.

wedding seating chart

Wedding seating chart

Before you can create a setting chart, you will need to create a guest list. We offer a free guest list template that will help you keep track of who is coming, where each person will sit and other important information such as special meals that will need to be provided, etc. For more wedding planners see how to plan a wedding.

Wedding Seating Chart Template

A wedding reception seating chart ensures that each table is filled to maximum capacity. It also ensures that guests will be seated with their spouses, friends, or family when possible.

Once you have allocated each guest a seat at one of the tables you can prepare a wedding seating chart sign or poster. Place this sign at the entrance so that guests can check where they will be seated. There are three versions of this sign for 10, 8 and 6 people per table.

Decide on the shape of your table. There are four table shapes: round, rectangle, oval, and square. Select a wedding table seating chart for 4, 6, 8 or 10 people per table.

We also offer a wedding seating chart maker that seats people according to the wedding guest list. Once someone has RSVP’d they will automatically appear in the wedding table seating chart. On this chart, you can select the table number and dietary preferences for each guest (see below).

Seating Chart Templates


wedding seating charts

How to make a wedding seating chart?

  1. Select a template in Powerpoint, Word, Excel, or PDF format.
  2. Choose the number of people at each table and the table shape.
  3. Use your guest list to see who will be attending and if they have any dietary preferences.
  4. Seat each guest at a table by typing or writing a name in each place.

The following templates offer a chart view of your seating arrangements. We also offer a list view below.

Round Table Seating Chart

Wedding Seating Template

10 People Per Table – Round Table

Powerpoint | Typeable PDF | Image

The PDFs are typeable and allow you to easily enter your guests’ names directly, without requiring any additional software. Just click on the PDF and start typing the names.

Round Table Seating Chart

Wedding Table Seating Chart

8 People Per Table – Round Table

Powerpoint | Typeable PDF | Image

Wedding Seating planner

6 People Per Table – Round Table

Powerpoint | Typeable PDF | Image

Rectangle Table Seating Chart

Wedding Seating Diagram

10 People Per Table – Rectangle Table

Powerpoint | Typeable PDF | Image

Wedding table chart

8 People Per Table – Rectangle Table

Powerpoint | Typeable PDF | Image

Table Seating Chart

6 People Per Table – Rectangle Table

Powerpoint | Typeable PDF | Image

Square Table Seating Chart

Seating Chart Wedding

There are two types of lists with your wedding seating arrangements. A blank list that you can type on or a pretty list that you can display at your wedding reception. There are many wedding seating chart ideas but you can customize your list to match your wedding theme and table layout.

Custom Seating Chart for Wedding

Choose any border, edit the text, change the fonts, and customize these seating charts.

Seating Chart for Wedding

Edit Online101 Borders

Seating List Designer

Simple Table Seating Layout List

Seating chart

10 People Per Table

Word | Typeable PDF | Image

The PDFs are typeable and allow you to easily enter your guests’ names directly, without requiring any additional software. Just click on the PDF and start typing the names.

Seating List

Wedding seating chart

8 People Per Table

Word | Typeable PDF | Image

Wedding Seating list

6 People Per Table

Word | Typeable PDF | Image

Seating Chart Maker

Table assignments at a wedding can be a stressful task. This Excel seating chart template will make it easy to create the perfect seating arrangement. It will take your guest list and help you create a table plan. The spreadsheet has five tabs. The first one explains what you need to do step by step to create your table plan.

Excel Spreadsheet

Seating Chart Maker

Fill out the wedding guest list worksheet. Add the list of guests you plan to invite.
Keep updating the list once you send out invitations, once the guests RSVP, etc.
Once that you update the spreadsheet that guests have confirmed they will be attending, they will automatically be listed on the “RSVP Table Selection” worksheet.
In the “RSVP Table Selection” worksheet, choose a table for each guest (from 1 up to 20).
The “Table Selection” worksheet will show the final table plan for all tables.

The budget tab will show you how much your wedding will cost according to the cost per person and the number of people who will be attending. It also includes a breakdown of the bride’s guests and the groom’s guests if you want to know how it breaks down. If not, delete that section.

You can keep updating the wedding guest list with all the relevant information you need. The spreadsheet has a section to record the number of people invited, the number of people attending, the gifts received, whether or not a thank you card was sent, if the guest is from the bride or the groom’s side, and each guest’s food preference. For food preference, there are 8 built-in options: no preference, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, gluten-free, dairy-free, and others.

Wedding Seating Arrangements

  • When organizing the wedding seating plan, you will usually seat all parents and grandparents at the same table. Siblings usually also sit at this table if they are not part of the wedding party.
  • Try to categorize people by group. Have a work friends table, a college friends table, extended family, etc. Make a table for your wedding party and their dates.
  • If your parents are inviting guests, you can ask them to seat their friends at the tables allocated to them.
  • If you have invited a lot of kids, then consider a kids’ table. It will enable their parents to enjoy themselves more and it will be more fun for the kids. You can put activities for them to enjoy on the table such as coloring pages, etc. You might even want to hire a babysitter to be in charge of the kids’ table. It will be a spoil for adults with young children who will get to enjoy the wedding without worrying about their kids all night.
  • Try to seat the older people as far away from the speakers as you can.
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