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Wedding Vows Template | Wedding Vows Generator

Writing your wedding vows can be challenging. Either use our free wedding vows generator or our wedding vows template to create your own unique vows. You can also create beautiful free posters with your vows to hang in your home.

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Wedding Vows Generator

Personalized and Unique Wedding Vows Guaranteed!

Our FREE Wedding Vows Generator is designed to ensure that every set of vows is as unique and special as your relationship. With a vast array of options to choose from and the added layer of personalization based on your responses, you are guaranteed to receive wedding vows that are exclusively tailored to you and your partner.

Given the myriad of phrases, statements, and customizable options available, no two sets of vows will be the same. Every choice you make within the generator will reflect your feelings, experiences, and the essence of your relationship, contributing to vows that are uniquely yours.

Our tool aims not just to assemble words but to weave them into a coherent, heartfelt promise between two special people. Your selections and inputs are intricately melded to craft vows that resonate with your journey and commitment to each other.

Click on the button below to create wedding vows that are a true reflection of your love and bond.

Wedding Vows Generator

How to Write Wedding Vows

The thought of writing your own wedding vows can seem a little overwhelming. Trying to figure out the perfect words that reflect your relationship and love towards each other that will be heard in front of your loved ones is not easy. The process of writing your own vows requires careful reflection and thought, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out our tips for writing wedding vows.

Wedding Vows Template

Wedding vows can seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. Use our tips and wedding vows template to form wedding vows that genuinely reflect your relationship. As long as you speak from the heart, you will have created the perfect marital vows.

The vow template will guide you step by step to create a wedding vow outline for him and her. Once you have the format and structure you can further tweak your vows until you are happy with your wording. The advantage of using a template is that you don’t have to know how to write vows from scratch. If you follow the questions on the template and the suggested format you will get help writing vows without actually consulting with anyone. Your marriage vows will be totally yours, from your heart and in your own words.

This Template Focuses on Promises and Commitments


Address Each Other:

  • “I, [Your Name], take you, [Partner’s Name],”
  • “With all my heart, I, [Your Name], take you, [Partner’s Name],”
  • “I, [Your Name], choose you, [Partner’s Name], as my [husband/wife/spouse/partner],”
  • “In the presence of our loved ones, I, [Your Name], take you, [Partner’s Name],”
  • “[Partner’s Name], today I, [Your Name], take you to be my [husband/wife/spouse/partner],”
  • “Before our friends and family, I, [Your Name], commit myself to you, [Partner’s Name],”
  • “With a full heart, I, [Your Name], vow to you, [Partner’s Name],”
  • “Under the stars and sky, I, [Your Name], pledge my love to you, [Partner’s Name],”
  • “[Partner’s Name], with joy and love, I, [Your Name], promise to be your [husband/wife/spouse/partner],”
  • “Surrounded by love, I, [Your Name], bind my life to yours, [Partner’s Name],”
  • “With deep love and affection, I, [Your Name], take you, [Partner’s Name], to be my [husband/wife/spouse/partner],”
  • “With respect and admiration, I, [Your Name], commit to you, [Partner’s Name],”

[Promises and Commitments]

Express Your Love and Commitment:

  • “to be my [husband/wife/spouse/partner].”
  • “to be my partner in life and my one true love.”
  • “to be my beloved [husband/wife/spouse/partner] and my constant friend.”
  • “to be my confidant, my comrade in life, and my one and only.”
  • “to be my equal, my muse, and my lifelong companion.”
  • “to be my anchor, my love, and my family.”
  • “to be my refuge, my joy, and my heart’s desire.”
  • “to be my soulmate, my partner in crime, and my love eternal.”
  • “to be my ally, my inspiration, and my home.”
  • “to be my support, my constant, and my cherished [husband/wife/spouse/partner].”
  • “to be my co-adventurer, my solace, and my love, through all our days.”

Declare Your Intentions and Promises:

  • “I vow to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow.”
  • “I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard.”
  • “to be my constant friend, my faithful partner, and my one true love.”
  • “to be my love, my partner in crime, and my best friend, for all the days of our lives.”
  • “to be my rock, my partner in all things, and the one with whom I will spend my forever.”
  • “to be my companion, my ally, my confidant, and my greatest support.”
  • “to be my soulmate, my lover, and my friend, through all our tomorrows.”
  • “to be my co-adventurer, my confidante, and the keeper of my heart.”
  • “to be my anchor, my confidant, and the person I will love unconditionally.”
  • “to be my partner through thick and thin, my equal in every way, and my forever love.”
  • “to be my joy, my solace, and the person I choose every day.”
  • “to be my refuge, my partner in all of life’s adventures, and my home.”

Include Specific Personal Promises:

  • “I vow to make time for you and support you in everything you do.”
  • “I will cherish and respect you, and strive to bring happiness into your life every day.”
  • “I vow to stand by your side, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow.”
  • “I promise to encourage your individuality and support your ambitions.”
  • “I will strive to be open, understanding, and forgiving in all our days together.”
  • “I commit to sharing with you in seasons of abundance and in times of want.”
  • “I pledge to maintain a loving, nurturing environment for our family.”
  • “I vow to be your shelter, your comfort, and your devoted companion.”
  • “I promise to grow with you, learn with you, and to be your steadfast partner in all of life’s adventures.”
  • “I will work each day to be a source of joy, strength, and encouragement to you.”
  • “I commit to being present, to listen, to laugh, and to comfort you in times of struggle.”
  • “I vow to create a life with you that is rich in love, laughter, and compassion.”
  • “I promise to foster a home filled with warmth, understanding, and acceptance.”
  • “I commit to being your steadfast support, cheering you on and lifting you up in every circumstance.”
  • “I pledge to continually strive to understand you and to be open, honest, and vulnerable with you.”
  • “I vow to walk hand in hand with you, facing challenges together and celebrating triumphs together.”
  • “I promise to respect your uniqueness and embrace our differences, fostering growth and mutual admiration.”
  • “I commit to prioritizing our relationship, making time to nurture our bond and strengthen our love.”
  • “I vow to be your confidante, your ally, and your unconditional love, every day of our lives.”

[Middle Section: Optional Personal Touch]

Insert Personal Anecdotes, Quotes, or Expressions of Love:

  • “[Quote or anecdote that is significant to your relationship.]”
  • “You are my best friend, my biggest support, and my one true love. I promise to encourage you, laugh with you, and comfort you in times of sorrow.”
  • “I vow to stand by your side, to encourage you, and to laugh with you and cry with you.”
  • “I promise to nurture your dreams, to help you reach them, and to be your biggest fan.”
  • “I commit to being there for you, to lifting you up when you’re down and celebrating your successes.”
  • “I pledge to listen to you with compassion and understanding, and to speak to you with encouragement.”
  • “I promise to create a life for us of unexpected and strange adventures.”
  • “I vow to hold you when you’re hurting and to celebrate with you in times of joy.”
  • “I commit to love you even when you’re unlovable, and to respect you even when you’re being unreasonable.”
  • “I promise to keep a sense of humor, to be your partner in crime, and your calm in the storm.”
  • “I vow to appreciate you every day, to be grateful for the love we share, and to never take it for granted.”
  • “I pledge to grow with you, to build our love, and to always keep you as my priority.”


Finalize Your Vows with Lifelong Commitments:

  • “I will love you, hold you, and honor you, be faithful to you, and be there for you through the best and the worst, as long as we both shall live.”
  • “I promise to be your partner in all things, not possessing you, but working with you as a part of the whole.”
  • “I vow to stand by you and be your partner in all things, through sunshine and storms, for all the days of our lives.”
  • “I commit to nurturing our love, to being faithful to you, and to sharing with you in all of life’s adventures, for as long as we both shall live.”
  • “I promise to cherish you, to uphold your dreams and hopes, and to be your refuge and your strength, for all our days to come.”
  • “I pledge my eternal love to you, promising to face each day with you, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.”
  • “I vow to be your constant, your companion and your confidant, to give and to receive, to inspire and to respond, through all our life together.”
  • “I swear to be true to you, to uplift and sustain you, to frustrate and challenge you, and to share with you the beautiful moments of life, forever.”
  • “I declare to honor you, to be at your side through whatever life brings, to share in your joys and sorrows, from this day forward and all the days of my life.”
  • “I resolve to make my love for you a journey, aiming always to love you more deeply and more truly as the days pass, for the rest of our lives.”
  • “I aspire to be your sanctuary and your support, to love you with every piece of my being, through all our years and all that life may bring us.”
  • “I pledge to be your ally in conflict and your solace in sorrow, to love you when it’s easy and when it’s hard, as long as we both shall live.”

Seal with Love and Affection:

  • “With every beat of my heart, I will love you.”
  • “I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this day forward, for as long as we both shall live.”
  • “With every fiber of my being, I promise to love you endlessly.”
  • “I offer you my soul, my love, and my life, today and forevermore.”
  • “With every breath I take, I vow to be your faithful lover and partner.”
  • “I give you my love, my trust, and my devotion, from this moment to eternity.”
  • “With all that I am and all that I have, I honor you and love you unconditionally.”
  • “I pledge my enduring love and devotion to you, from now until the end of our days.”
  • “With each day that passes, my love for you will only grow stronger and deeper.”
  • “I commit my love, my life, and my spirit to you, from this day and always.”
  • “With my whole heart and soul, I cherish and love you, for all of time.”
  • “I give you all my love, my loyalty, and my affection, for as long as I shall live.”


  • “These are my solemn vows.”
  • “This is my sacred promise to you.”
  • “With these words, I bind my life to yours.”
  • “This is my solemn pledge of love and commitment to you.”
  • “With these promises, I entrust my heart to you.”
  • “These are my words of commitment and love to you.”
  • “With this vow, I willingly give you my heart.”
  • “This is my earnest covenant to you, sealed with my love.”
  • “With these vows, I declare my everlasting love for you.”
  • “These are my heartfelt promises to you, made in love and truth.”
  • “This is my vow of an unbreakable bond with you.”
  • “With these commitments, I link my life forever with yours.”

This Template Focuses on the Couple’s Journey

[Partner 1 Name] and [Partner 2 Name] Wedding Vows


[Opening Line expressing love and/or sentiment e.g. “[Partner 1], from the moment we met, my world has been brighter and my joy has been fuller.”]



Declaration of Love

I love you [specific detail or quality about Partner 2 e.g. “for your kindness, your strength, your resilience, and your love.”] and I feel so [positive emotion e.g. “lucky, blessed”] to be standing with you today.

Personal Promise(s)

I vow to [personal promise e.g. “support you, laugh with you, cry with you, and grow with you.”] I promise to [additional promise e.g. “be your partner in all things, not possessing you, but working with you as a part of the whole.”]

Recount of Journey

Remembering [specific memory or milestone in relationship e.g. “the day we met at [place],”] I realize [personal realization or truth e.g. “how deeply I have fallen in love with you.”] [Optional: Additional recount or reflection e.g. “Every challenge and every joy has brought us closer together.”]

Commitment to the Future

I look forward to [future aspiration e.g. “building a life with you, facing challenges together, and growing old with you.”] I commit to [long-term commitment e.g. “being your partner, your lover, your friend, and your ally, through all the days of our lives.”]


[Closing line e.g. “With all my love, I offer you my hand, my heart, and my soul, as your partner, your lover, and your friend, for all the days of our lives.”] [Signature Line, e.g. “I, [Partner 1], take you, [Partner 2], to be my lawfully wedded [husband/wife/spouse], to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”]

[Exchange of Rings]

[Optional: Words for the exchange of rings, e.g. “With this ring, I thee wed, and pledge my faithful love.”]

Creating wedding vows can be a deeply personal endeavor, but using a template can provide a structured starting point. Here’s a simple template to help in crafting meaningful vows. Feel free to adapt it to better reflect your personalities, values, and relationship.

Microsoft Word | Editable PDF


  • Reflect on your relationship and think about what is truly important to both of you.
  • Be sincere and honest. Speak from the heart.
  • Personalize your vows with anecdotes, shared experiences, and inside jokes.
  • Practice reading your vows aloud to ensure they sound right and to help with any nerves on the big day.

Remember, the vows are the heart of the wedding ceremony, making them your own makes the day even more special.

Get on the Same Page

Before writing your vows, you need to have a conversation with your significant other about vow expectations. You must both be on the same page so that neither person is surprised or disappointed on your wedding day. Ensure that you both want to exchange wedding vows and talk about the length you want them to be. Some couples don’t exchange vows on their wedding day, while others take a big chunk of the ceremony to profess their love.

Pick Your Vows Tone

Before brainstorming ideas or writing anything down, the next step is to understand the tone you want for your wedding vows. The style you choose will set the moment and should reflect your personality. The most common tones include Traditional, Modern, and Fun vows.

1. Traditional Wedding Vows

Traditional vows are perfect for classic couples. These vows usually follow a similar format. They are serious, and romantic, and reflect clear promises you want to make to your significant other. What are the traditional wedding vows? Below is an example of traditional wedding vows.

I, (name) take you, (name), to be my (wife/husband). I promise to always be honest with you, faithful to you, and supportive of you throughout our lives together. I promise to stand next to you in good times and bad, through sickness and health. I promise to trust, respect, care, and help you as we share our lives together. Today, I give you my heart and my love, from this day forward, for as long as we both live.

2. Modern Vows

Modern wedding vows are a little more conversational and relaxed than traditional vows. They still show sincerity and romance. Modern vows are more informal than traditional vows and usually include personal references or stories about your significant other. Modern vows tend to be the perfect middle ground between traditional and fun vows. Below are some modern sample wedding vows.

 (Name), my best friend, my number one supporter, my partner in this crazy world. Today, I take you to be my loving (wife/husband). I promise to love you on this journey of a lifetime, even when things get rough. I’m thankful for your bright personality and your ability to make my sad days full of light. I can’t wait to spend forever with you.

3. Fun Vows

Fun vows showcase your personality, ease the ceremony’s tension, and help calm your nerves. Funny wedding vows are the perfect choice for a playful couple who wants to have a more authentic wedding vows approach. While you can insert jokes, you must find a balance between serious and silly. Below is an example of fun wedding vows.

I promise to always be there for you no matter what and be your number one supporter. I will always bring you your favorite cup of coffee in the morning, even when you try to hide under the blankets because you love to sleep. I promise not to binge our favorite TV shows and hold restraint to wait for you. I promise to always go on adventures with you, even if we get lost with my poor sense of direction.

Write Down Some Thoughts

Now that you have an idea of what type of vows you want to read at your ceremony, it’s time to start writing your actual vows. Find some quiet time, away from others, to reflect on your partner and relationship. Great places to jot down some thoughts include a park or a coffee shop. It needs to be a place where you can be alone with your thoughts.

Once you found a good location, start to jot down some thoughts about your significant other. Here are some questions you should try to answer. Write a few sentences for each bullet point.

  • How did you first meet your significant other?
  • How did you know they were the one?
  • What are your favorite things about your partner?
  • Write down some of your favorite inside jokes.
  • What do you want your future marriage to look like?
  • How will you support your partner through life?

Turn Your Answers into Your Vows

Now that you have some ideas written about your partner, it’s time to make them sound like your vows. Put all your answers into one page. String them together to create a flow. For example, you can start with the day you met them, move to how you knew they were the one, things you love about them, how you want your future to look, and end with how you will support your partner. Try to replace the words “I will” with “I vow” or “I promise.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Read your vows out loud. If something was hard for you to read or didn’t flow correctly, edit those parts accordingly. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel saying your vows. Practice speaking loudly and clearly, while taking moments to glance up to get the timing right.

Wedding Vow for Her

Here are some wedding vows examples for her you can use when writing your wedding vows. These lines are great starting points to get your vows flowing.

  • I am proud to marry you. You are the love of my life. I promise to support your dreams and vow to be there with you until the end of time.
  • I promise to be a devoted and loving wife, without anger or judgment, but always with an open mind and heart.
  • I’m happy to marry my best friend. You are my happiness and my best of times. With you by my side, there’s nothing we can’t get through together.
  • I fall for you more each day. I love all of you and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. You are my family, my light, my love.

Wedding Vow for Him

If you’re still feeling a little lost, we have some wedding vows ideas for him. Use these lines to spark some ideas or add to your current vows.

  • I am proud to be marrying the girl of my dreams. You are mine, forever. Without you, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. You make me a better person, and I will never stop trying to make you happy.
  • I can’t wait for our journey together with you as my wife. Thank you for choosing me as your husband.
  • I found my love in your heart. I found my home in your eyes. I found my mate in your soul. With you, I feel alive and whole. You are there through the laughter and a shoulder to cry on when things get rough. I will love you now and forever.
  • I love how you know me better than anyone else and still choose to love me every day. You are my soul mate, true love, and best friend. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to marry such an incredible woman.

Wedding Vow Art

Some people like to hang framed wedding vows in their homes. The beautiful wedding vows poster makes a pretty wall hanging for any home and in addition, it is a constant reminder of the commitment you have made to each other. Each poster template has a collection of short wedding vows but these are only ideas. You can edit each line of text.

The template uses I promise wedding vows. The title is “I promise” and each line of text is a continuation of “I promise”. You can edit the text if you prefer a different layout.

Print the poster and have it framed. Alternatively, you can have it printed on canvas.

Edit Online

Edit Online

Edit Online

For more wedding printables see how to plan a wedding.

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