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Calendar Journal

Do you lack the time to create the perfect calendar journal for your needs? We offer a free customizable template that you can personalize online.

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What is a Calendar Journal

A journal or diary is used to record details of your life such as experiences, feelings, or thoughts. Whereas a notebook is open and has no structure, a calendar journal provides sections for each day, week, or month. In a calendar journal, each section is used to record events or thoughts relevant to that date. Since journalling works best when done consistently, a calendar journal increases the chances you will be consistent since you have a section to fill each day. It is easier to notice that you haven’t recorded anything that day whereas with a blank notebook journal you might go for long periods without journaling.

You don’t need to write a lot each day. Even one word or sentence is enough. The idea is to be present and mindful and in touch with your thoughts even if it is only for two minutes each day.

Calendar Journal Template

The calendar journal templates on this site are fully customizable. You can change the titles, calendar, embellishments, and calendar journal template. Add your own text and edit the existing text. You can add any doodle or decoration with the click of a button with the help of our digital bullet journal app. Journal decorating has never been easier!

The templates below are in a weekly format. If you prefer a daily or monthly format then see bullet journal calendars.

Customize and Print

This calendar journal has one section for gratitude and one section for journaling.

Customize and Print

Different Kinds of Calendar Journals

There are many kinds of calendar journals. You can either write whatever comes to mind each day or have a specific theme. Here are some ideas:

  • A daily journal records memorable events and/or feelings and thoughts each day.
  • A travel journal records experiences during a trip.
  • Ideas journal is a place to write ideas that pop into your head during the day.
  • A gratitude journal is used to express gratitude each day. Every day you write at least one thing you are grateful for. See the benefits of gratitude.
  • A brain dump is used to get everything on paper and off your mind. It is great for stress relief.
  • Goals journal can be used to write your goals, how you plan to achieve them, and journal about your progress.

Benefits of Journaling

Keeping a journal has many benefits.


We are often so caught up in our everyday lives that we don’t stop to self-reflect. One of the benefits of bullet journaling is that the system is built in such a way that you are forced to devote some time to reflect each day in order to migrate content from spread to spread. See bullet journal reflection.


Journaling brings you into a state of mindfulness. When you are writing about your feelings and thoughts you are forced to be present and to think about what is on your mind. You actively engage with your thoughts and feelings in order to write them in your diary or journal.

Retain More Memories

We forget so much when we don’t write it down. I have been keeping a journal for many years. Often I happen to read an entry from years ago and it helps me understand where I came from and the progress I have made. When I am having a tough time and read through old entries during which I tackled obstacles, I am reminded that I am strong enough to deal with difficulties. I did it once and I can do it again. Sometimes, when things get tough you feel like you have never dealt with anything like this but you have and you can.

A journal also reminds you of the beautiful memories that you might have forgotten had you not recorded them.

Also, writing something down increases the chance that you will remember it.

Creative Outlet

Writing in a journal is a great creative outlet. You can use colored pens, add doodles, stickers, etc.

Julia Cameron developed morning pages (three pages of longhand consciousness writing done first thing in the morning) to unleash creativity.

Relieve Stress and Ease Trauma

Writing in a journal is a good way to relieve stress. According to Harvard Medical School, writing about thoughts and feelings that arise from a traumatic or stressful life experience may help some people cope with the emotional fallout of such events.

Improve Decision Making and Critical Thinking

Journaling helps examine past experiences, evaluate your actions and draw insights that can be helpful for future decision-making (Stacy Walker). We can learn a lot from past experiences and the results of those experiences, however when we don’t stop to examine and evaluate these actions and their results then we often fault to gain important insight that can help us in the future.

Reaching Goals

Journaling about your goals will increase the chance that you reach them. Put your goals on paper, write how you want to achieve them, journal about your progress, the difficulties you encounter and how you plan to overcome them.

Resolve Disagreements with Others

Writing about misunderstandings and disagreements will help you understand another’s point of view according to Psychcentral. It might even help you come up with a sensible resolution to the conflict.

Manage Depression

According to Positive Psychology, journaling has been shown to be effective in helping people manage their depressive symptoms.

Journal Prompts

Sometimes, we have no idea what to write in our journal. This is where journal prompts come in handy. When you are not sure what to write about, scan the list of journal writing prompts to see which one resonates with you at that time. It will differ from day to day. That is what is so great about journaling. Do what works for you at that moment.

  • How would you describe your day? Why?
  • Describe yourself.
  • Where do you feel the happiest?
  • What calms you?
  • What would you change about yourself?
  • What would you change about your life?
  • Nobody knows that I . . .
  • What surprised you the most lately?
  • What are you good at?
  • What is your biggest worry? Can you do something about it?
  • What do you love about life?
  • What is your biggest mistake? What can you learn from it?
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • Who do you most admire?
  • What makes you smile?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  • What would you like to say no to?
  • What would you like to say yes to?
  • If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
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