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Gratitude Journal Prompts

If you want to keep a gratitude journal but have run out of things to write about then these 168 gratitude journal prompts will help you. With our free journal page maker, you can insert any prompt in the journal page you select.

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We know that there are benefits to gratitude and if we practice gratitude daily we will improve our lives. However, it doesn’t come naturally to appreciate and express gratitude for what we have. People are often more focused on what they don’t have than on what they do have.

To reap the benefits of gratitude, you have to make a conscious and consistent effort to express gratitude on a daily basis. This is even more difficult since we are constantly exposed to negative news, social media, problems, challenges, etc.

Gratitude journaling prompts help you express and feel gratitude when you are not feeling particularly grateful and are not sure what to write. When everything seems difficult and overwhelming and a list of things to be grateful for doesn’t come naturally these gratitude prompts will help get you thinking of those small things in life that you are genuinely thankful for. Once you recognize them, you will appreciate your life and the world around you more and more.

When you recognize the good in your life, the law of attraction will ensure you get more and more good things. If this just sounds weird then think about two people: one is always down and complaining and the other is optimistic and positive. Who would you like to spend time with? The optimistic positive person draws people to them and that draws positive experiences and other positive things. Now, let’s picture these two people at work. Their boss has to promote one of them. Do they promote the negative person who is always complaining or the positive optimistic person who will lift everyone’s spirits? This example shows you how the law of attraction isn’t some mystical law that doesn’t make sense. Gratitude will change your outlook and mindset and that will bring many good things into your life.

Set an intention to practice gratitude daily even when you are stressed, busy, and couldn’t be bothered. Those are the times when it will help you the most.

Gratitude journaling

There are two ways to journal about gratitude.

  • You can make a gratitude list. See things to be grateful for if you are stuck and need more ideas. A gratitude list focuses on quantity over quality and simply lists all the things you are grateful for.
  • Gratitude journaling, on the other hand, goes into each item on the list in more detail and depth.

Which method is better? The idea behind gratitude journaling is to get yourself to truly feel grateful. You want to be present and feel that gratitude. Some people will feel a sense of gratitude when they compile a list of things to be thankful for and others will need to journal in detail to evoke feelings of gratitude. You might find that some days one method will work and other days the other will be more effective.

There is no reason to choose between the methods. You can keep a gratitude list for days when you want to simply list things you are thankful for and you can do more in-depth gratitude journaling on days when you have more time, want to write more, and express yourself.

In fact, you don’t even need to write about the things you are grateful for. You can take a photo of them and create a gratitude folder with all these photos.

The point is, there are no rules. Choose the journaling method that you will find easiest to stick to consistently.

Gratitude journaling prompts

Sometimes journal prompts will help get you started when you are not sure what to write about.

Click on the button below to insert a gratitude prompt into a journal template.


Here are some questions you can ask yourself to identify things you are grateful for. Either download the gratitude prompts printable below or read the questions below for gratitude journal ideas. You can also print a journal page with a journal prompt if you click on the button above.

The gratitude prompts PDF only includes 55 prompts. You can find 168 journal prompts below.

    1. What am I thankful for today?
    2. Who in my life am I grateful for and why?
    3. What are some small things that I often take for granted but am grateful for?
    4. What is something new that I am grateful for today?
    5. What is something I am looking forward to and grateful for in the future?
    6. What is something I accomplished today that I am grateful for?
    7. What is something I am grateful for in my community?
    8. What is something I am grateful for in nature?
    9. What is something I am grateful for in my body and mind?
    10. What is something I am grateful for in my home or where I live?
    11. Describe your three biggest achievements in life. Were there any people who helped you make these things happen? How did they help?
    12. Describe one small accomplishment you are proud of.
    13. List and describe your favorite books.
    14. List and describe your favorite movies or TV shows.
    15. Describe your favorite part of your day.
    16. What is your favorite thing in the morning?
    17. What is your favorite thing before you go to bed?
    18. What do you like about the rain?
    19. What do you like about the cold?
    20. Who in your life makes or made you feel good?
    21. Write a thank you note to someone who made a difference in your life (you don’t have to send the note but it will be even more effective if you do).
    22. Which activities do you enjoy doing? If you can, schedule one of these activities when you finish this journal entry.
    23. Write about 5 positive childhood memories. They could be short moments you remember or long periods of time.
    24. Describe a hobby you enjoy.
    25. Write about your last vacation. What did you do? What did you enjoy most? Describe the emotions you felt.
    26. What gift did you receive that you were grateful for?
    27. Describe 5 things you like about yourself.
    28. What is something about your body or your life you are grateful for?
    29. Describe one of your personality traits you like. How has it helped you in life?
    30. Describe a skill you have that has helped you in some way.
    31. Describe something you learned in life that has helped you.
    32. Describe a tradition that you enjoy.
    33. Describe a place you went to that you enjoyed. What did you do there? How did you feel?
    34. Describe something that you were unhappy about but it later turned out to be a blessing in disguise. How did it help you?
    35. Describe a time when you left your comfort zone and had a good experience as a result.
    36. Describe a teacher or mentor who helped you in some way.
    37. Describe a self-care activity that makes you feel good. You can list more than one if you want. When you are finished writing about it go and do it.
    38. List the things in your home that make your life better in some way (blankets, running water, warm water, kettle, coffee, food, etc.).
    39. Create a bucket list of things you plan to do.
    40. Describe the people who you appreciate. This list can include people who are currently in your life or once were in your life.
    41. Write about a compliment you once received and how it made you feel.
    42. Who do you love?
    43. What made you smile today?
    44. Who do you like?
    45. What are you good at doing?
    46. Who can you count on?
    47. What do you love?
    48. What do you like?
    49. Where do you like to go?
    50. What do you enjoy?
    51. List activities that bring you joy.
    52. What makes you happy?
    53. List items that bring you joy.
    54. What cheers you up when you are feeling sad?
    55. List people that bring you joy.
    56. What relaxes you?
    57. What is your favorite memory?
    58. Is there anything that you take for granted?
    59. What is your favorite food?
    60. Describe one good thing that happened to you this month.
    61. What is your favorite item?
    62. Who inspires you?
    63. What do you enjoy about your daily routine?
    64. Describe your last vacation.
    65. What have you accomplished?
    66. What is your biggest accomplishment?
    67. Do you have a family tradition that you enjoy?
    68. What are your good qualities?
    69. What are your hobbies?
    70. Is there anything that makes your life better?
    71. Who made you smile?
    72. Write a nice thing somebody said to you.
    73. Who do you enjoy spending time with?
    74. What songs do you love?
    75. Where is the best place you visited and what do you like about it?
    76. What have you learned?
    77. Has anyone shown you kindness recently?
    78. What do you love about your home?
    79. What do you love about your country?
    80. Describe the last gift you received. Who gave it to you?
    81. What do you like about yourself?
    82. In what way is your life better today than it was a year ago or ten years ago?
    83. What is the nicest thing that someone did for you?
    84. Describe one of your best days.
    85. What do you enjoy doing after work?
    86. What do you enjoy doing as you get home?
    87. Describe a bad experience that made you stronger.
    88. What do you have today that you didn’t have as a child?
    89. Describe a difficulty that you have overcome.
    90. What would you take to a desert island?
    91. What makes you special?
    92. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
    93. What is your favorite animal?
    94. Describe a time when you laughed really hard.
    95. What is the best gift you have ever received?
    96. Which movie did you enjoy the most?
    97. Who do you admire?
    98. Describe an enjoyable time you spent in nature.
    99. What do you appreciate about this century as opposed to the last?
    100. Which methods of transportation do you use today? Express gratitude for them.
    101. When was the last time you ordered something online and it arrived at your doorstep? Express gratitude for this service.
    102. How does your mobile phone help you?
    103. How does the internet help you?
    104. Describe something you have access to that your parents or grandparents didn’t have.
    105. Think about the people who work to provide you with produce. Express gratitude for them.
    106. List 5 things in your kitchen you are grateful for.
    107. List 5 things in your bathroom you are grateful for.
    108. What is your favorite hobby?
    109. Who can you count on in life?
    110. Describe a person who has influenced your life.
    111. Describe an achievement you are proud of.
    112. Write about a time you were lucky.
    113. Describe one thing you have that other people are envious of.
    114. Describe a time you stepped out of your comfort zone.
    115. What is your best childhood memory?
    116. Which season do you like best? Why?
    117. Describe a lesson you learned in the past.
    118. If your house was about to be flooded, what would you take with you?
    119. Which song makes you feel good?
    120. What makes you feel relaxed?
    121. What public service are you grateful for?
    122. Which fruit or vegetables are you grateful for?
    123. Describe something that was hard to do but you did it anyway.
    124. When last were you grateful for something someone did for you?
    125. Write a thank you letter to yourself.
    126. Write a thank you letter to someone who did something special for you or someone who makes a difference in your life.
    127. Describe a photo that brings back happy memories.
    128. Write about a person who inspired you.
    129. Describe a time you worked hard for something and then received it.
    130. What comforts you?
    131. Describe a time you were able to help someone.
    132. Reflect through the last 30 days and write about moments that made you happy.
    133. How are you a better version of yourself today? How did you make this happen?
    134. How do you celebrate birthdays?
    135. What are your favorite meals that you enjoy eating or cooking?
    136. List 5 things you like about nature.
    137. What do you like about your job or career?
    138. What do you like about your city, town, or neighborhood?
    139. What can you do to make someone else happy?
    140. What truly matters in your life?
    141. What do you like about your home?
    142. Describe a holiday you enjoyed.
    143. List three qualities you admire about yourself.
    144. What do you like about your best friend or any close friend?
    145. Which teacher do you still remember and why?
    146. What is your favorite color? Why?
    147. How do you define self-care? What do you enjoy? How can you take better care of yourself?
    148. What can you do today to make yourself feel pampered?
    149. What can you do to love yourself more?
    150. Describe the most beautiful place you have traveled to.
    151. How did your parents make you a better person?
    152. Write about something in nature that brings you joy.
    153. Describe a time a total stranger made an effort to help you.
    154. Think about someone you don’t like. Describe one way they have helped you in the past or one of their strengths.
    155. What makes life meaningful?
    156. What gives you a sense of purpose? If you can’t answer this question then see our online quiz to find your purpose.
    157. What are you passionate about?
    158. What is the nicest thing someone has said about you?
    159. List a few things people take for granted. How you can be more grateful for these things?
    160. Consider where you were 10 years ago and compare it to where you are today.
    161. What is your favorite animal? Why?
    162. Write down one thing you appreciate about each family member.
    163. What is the funniest thing you heard recently?
    164. What author or musician are you grateful for?
    165. What song are you grateful for?
    166. Divide your body into three sections and find one compliment for each section.
    167. What important lessons have I learned?
    168. One of the best experiences of my life was…

What are you thankful for?

Positive journal prompts encourage you to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. They are helpful when you are not sure what to write about. See gratitude list.

Gratitude Worksheet

You can also click on the link above to insert any journal prompt into the journal page you choose.

This 10-page gratitude worksheet PDF has 55 gratitude journal prompts with space to write the answer to each question.

How to use these gratitude journal prompts

  1. Keep a blank gratitude journal and write any of the prompts in your journal. Choose a journal prompt that resonates with you that day or force yourself to go through them in order. When you write about the journal prompt that you are given that day it makes you think more than when you choose a prompt.
  2. Click on the button below to download a journal page with a prompt.
  3. Use our free online gratitude list. It is anonymous and private. You need to register so that you can access it whenever you want and save your journal entries. You can keep your own gratitude list there as well and add to it whenever you want. If you want to make gratitude a daily habit then you can subscribe to our daily reminder to add to your gratitude list.
  4. Print our free gratitude journal which has things to be grateful for each day. On the back of the pages, you can add the gratitude journal prompts above.
  5. If you use our free yearly gratitude journal and are stuck for ideas, then use the prompts above to think of things to add to your list.
  6. Make a gratitude collage. Instead of writing about the gratitude prompt add photos that describe the things you would have written about. For example, if you choose the prompt: “Describe the people who you appreciate” then you can make a collage with photos of those people.

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