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Packing Slip

Free packing list template that you can customize to suit your business. Available in MS Word, Excel, typeable PDF, Google Sheets & Docs. Instant download!

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Packing Slip Template

Free packing slip template that you can edit and customize. Each template is available in various formats and designs. Select one that best meets your needs. You can edit all text, and add your company’s details and logo. You can also add additional columns or lines.


What is a packing slip?

This is a document that lists the items included in a package. The purpose of a packing slip is to ensure that all items there were ordered are included in the shipment.

What information is included in a shipping slip?

The packing list must include the description or item numbers of the packaged goods and the number of units of each item. It can also include additional information such as SKU numbers, PO, size (dimensions), weight, etc. If you want to add additional information then use the Word or Excel versions and edit the template.

Packing List Formats

The packing list template is available in various formats. If you want to use a blank packing slip, then select the PDF version. The PDF version is typeable so you can type the information you want to add but you cannot change the format.  If you want to edit the format or layout then select the Word version. If you want to calculate the quantities automatically, then use the Excel version. There is a built-in formula that automatically calculates the total quantity.

Packing slip template Word

The Word version is very flexible. You can add columns and lines. You can also add a company logo.

Excel packing slip template

The Excel version is flexible but some people prefer working with Word rather than with Excel. You can add columns and lines. You can also add a company logo. The advantage of a spreadsheet is that the quantities are automatically calculated since we have added a built-in formula.

Packing slip PDF

This is a fillable packing list template. You can type on the form. However, you cannot add a logo or additional lines or columns.

How to edit the packing list example

  1. Select any sample packing slip from the selection above.
  2. Edit the company’s details.
  3. Add the customer’s details. If you have a different address to ship to then add both the ship to and the bill to addresses. If you need both addresses then select a shipping slip template that includes both options or select the Word version and make changes.
  4. Add the items to be shipped and the number of units of each item under the quantity column.
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