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Morning Journal Prompts

71 Morning journaling prompts to clear your mind and release worries and negative energy before you start your day. Each journal prompt appears on a typeable journal page.

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When you begin your morning routine journaling, it helps you start the day with purpose. You start the day with more clarity and on the right foot. When you set an intention for the day, you have more control over the rest of the day and how it will unfold for you.

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Morning journal prompts help get you writing without wasting time thinking about what to write. Morning pages, on the other hand, are written without journal prompts to clear your mind of whatever is on your mind at the moment similar to a brain dump. The idea is to release negative emotions and mundane thoughts to free your mind later on for more creative and powerful thoughts.

Morning Journaling

Morning journaling is a great habit to get into. It clears your mind and releases worries and negative energy before you start your day. There are two ways to journal in the morning.

Morning Journal Prompts

There are 71 journal prompts that you can write about (see below). Journal prompts suggest specific topics to reflect on which can be helpful when you don’t know what to write about.

Morning Journal Template

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Download Below

This free morning journal template is typeable so you can print it or use it on your PC. It has space to journal and a section for gratitude, daily intention, daily affirmation, mood, weather and things you must get done that day.

Morning Pages

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Morning pages are written to serve as a daily brain dump. The idea is to clear what is on your mind not explore various topics via journal prompts. Therefore, morning pages prompts or questions defeat the purpose of morning pages. You are encouraged to write about the things that are on your mind in order to clear your mind. You are not supposed to encourage your mind to think about topics that are not on your mind.

The difference between traditional journaling and morning pages is that traditional journaling is supposed to provoke and process thoughts whereas morning pages are intended to get the thoughts already on your mind out of your head in order to clear your mind and make way for deeper and more creative thoughts.

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Typeable PDF72 Pages

This 72-page document includes 71 morning journal prompts. You can also download individual journal prompts below.

71 Morning Journal Prompts

Get a cup of coffee and start writing. These daily journal prompts can be used any time of the day but will be most effective in the morning. See other journal prompts. Each journal prompt opens on a typeable journal page.

    1. What could make today perfect?
    2. What would you like to achieve today?
    3. Which quality can I focus on improving today?
    4. What can I do today to bring me one step closer to one of my goals?
    5. List three things you would love to accomplish today?
    6. Is there something you are afraid of today?
    7. What are you looking forward to today?
    8. How do I want to feel at the end of the day today?
    9. To go a little outside of my comfort zone today, I could…
    10. A situation that might stress me out today could be? If that happens, I will…
    11. What does my body need today? What does my soul need today?
    12. What excites me about today?
    13. What do you need today?
    14. What can you do to improve your mental well-being today?
    15. If you had a therapy session today. What would you like to talk about? What would you say?
    16. What can you do today to further your personal growth?
    17. What can you do today to bring more positive energy into your life?
    18. Describe a distraction that you might encounter today. What can you do to stay focused?
    19. Describes any regrets you have. Is there anything you can do about them today?
    20. How can you balance your life today?
    21. Describe 5 things that you are grateful for today.
    22. Describe the kind of person you want to be today and why you want to be that person.
    23. In order to be productive today, I will…
    24. One way I could be more courageous today is…
    25. Describe the things I could do today to bring me joy.
    26. Describe a bad habit you would like to work on breaking today.
    27. What would make you feel happy today?
    28. How can you help someone today?
    29. What would you do today if you had more courage?
    30. Describe an act of kindness you can do today.
    31. Describe a place you would love to visit today. Why?
    32. What was the best part of the day yesterday?
    33. What was the worst part of your day yesterday? What did you learn from that?
    34. Describe an obstacle or difficulty you overcame yesterday. How did it make you stronger?
    35. This entry will be a brain dump. List all your concerns and worries and release them.
    36. Describe something you did recently that didn’t bring out the best in you. What can you do next time that situation arises?
    37. How can you get inspired today?
    38. What can you do to ensure you have a productive day?
    39. What can you do today to strengthen one of your friendships or to make a friend feel good?
    40. Describe boundaries you would like to set today.
    41. What is your most important goal to focus on today?
    42. What are you going to do today for your own self-care?
    43. How can you practice self-love today?
    44. What can you do today to make your self-talk more positive?
    45. Write a daily affirmation for today. Why did you choose this one?
    46. How can you show yourself more compassion today?
    47. How will you deal with stress today?
    48. Describe three things you will forgive yourself for today.
    49. Describe the three things you must get done today. Why are these things important?
    50. Describe the last activity or experience that you really enjoyed.
    51. Describe the emotions you are feeling right now.
    52. Which emotions do you want to feel today?
    53. Describe how you are the same and how you are different than the person you thought you would grow up to be when you were a child.
    54. If you were given an opportunity to do anything at all today, what would it be?
    55. What can you do today to use one of your talents or skills?
    56. What can you do today to further develop one of your talents or skills?
    57. Describe your mood this morning.
    58. What can you do to shift your mindset today?
    59. How can you improve your morning routine? See morning routine for ideas
    60. What is bothering you?
    61. What frustrates you?
    62. What scares you?
    63. What excites you?
    64. What inspires you?
    65. What are you looking forward to today and in the future?
    66. Describe one small thing you can do today to improve your future.
    67. What can you do today to make yourself feel calm and relaxed?
    68. If I was told that I won the lottery today what would I do?
    69. Write about someone who has hurt you in the past. What did they do? How do you feel? Write a letter to them telling them you forgive them (you won’t actually send this) and then release these negative feelings.
    70. Describe a gift you received from your parents. It could be something tangible or a trait you got from one of them.
    71. What can you do today to help a family member or make them feel good?


Typeable PDF72 Pages

Journaling in the morning is a great ritual to start if you haven’t already started. There are many more daily journaling prompts on this site including gratitude journal prompts.

Morning Journal Template

If you enjoy journaling during your morning routine, then why not try “The 5 am Club”? or use our free custom morning routine maker to customize a morning routine for your specific needs.

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