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Christmas List Template

Christmas can be stressful. Use our free Christmas list template to create a personalized Christmas list to stay organized and relaxed.

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There are four different formats available:

Printable Christmas list / Wish List

Colored printables showing 4 examples of Christmas lists with cute panda images and a cute Christmas treePin

(Colored Printables)

Blank List

blank list with two samples and two icons (PDF and MS Word)Pin

Bullet Journal Style

Bullet Journal Style with two bullet journal printables with lists and doodles of Christmas giftsPin

See also Naughty or Nice List

Free Christmas List Template

The holiday season is very stressful and most people have hundreds of things on their minds, including gift ideas, organizing and decorating their Christmas tree, decor, holiday cards, and organizing Christmas activities. When you keep an organized list of things to do, you will be more organized and less stressed. Your brain is supposed to process information, not store it.

You can select the free printable Christmas list template you want to use. There are various options available and they are all free. You can either type your Christmas list before you print it or print it out and fill in the list after you print it. The title reads “Name’s Christmas checklist” but, you can edit it to create various lists such as Christmas songs list, wish list, carols list, etc. We also offer a free Christmas gift list template to track gifts and cards and a letter to Santa for kids. You can also have a separate list for different things such as gifts, Christmas decorations, recipes to make, etc.

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Customize & Print

The following templates are perfect for those looking for cute Christmas list ideas to get organized before the Christmas season.

Christmas checklist template with 4 samples: 2 with chalkboard borders, chevron border and gingham. All have cute images on them.Pin

Customize & Print

Christmas checklists with gold or red borders and editable titlesPin

Customize & Print

Christmas list examples with space to add your name or edit your textPin

Customize & Print

Christmas list template samples with four different designs all have borders with a Christmas themePin

Customize & Print

4 Samples made with out Christmas list makerPin

Things to Buy

Customize & Print

Blank Lists

We also offer a blank list for those who want a simple free printable Christmas wish list printable.

3 Columns – Landscape

Word format - a blank checklist with 3 columns and titles: things to do, things to buy, letters to sendPin

Microsoft Word | Editable PDF

2 Columns – Portrait

Christmas wish list 2 columns (things to do and things to buy)Pin

Microsoft Word | Editable PDF

Bullet Journal Style

Make a Christmas wish list bullet journal style.

Christmas Wish List

Download a free printable wish list for Christmas from the selection below.

You can also create a Christmas wish list template from any of the designs above since you can edit the list template and the title. Please note that the text is editable so you can use any title you want such as Santa’s list, unique gift ideas (to find the best gifts for everyone), etc.

Customize & Print

4 Things for Christmas

Customize & Print

What is the 4 gift rule?

The four-gift rule will not only simplify your Christmas shopping but might also mean more meaningful Christmas presents for the recipient. According to the 4 gift rule, each person gets only four gifts for Christmas:

  • Something you want
  • Something you need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read


Secret Santa Wish List

We offer a free printable Secret Santa wish list and many other Secret Santa template printables.

Secret Santa Wish List with 5 samplesPin

You might also like our free Christmas gift list templates to track gifts and cards.

Christmas gift listPin

What can these templates be used for?

You can edit the text on the Christmas list template. Therefore, you can use the templates to create any list. Here are some ideas:

  • Christmas songs list
  • Christmas wish list template
  • Printable Christmas shopping list template
  • Christmas carols list
  • Gift list
  • Christmas movies list
  • Christmas bucket list
  • Santa wish list printable
  • Christmas to-do list

OpenList Maker

How do you use the Christmas list maker?

  1. Click on the black button above to open the Christmas wish list maker.
  2. Select the template that you want to use.
  3. Click on the A button to type text. You can type the list or you can simply type “Merry Christmas” or any other seasonal greeting.
  4. Type the item.
  5. Move the text onto the line.

If you want to change the number of lines, see the instructions below.

You can also use our free online Christmas list creator. You can also select the Word version and use it with Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

How to change the number of lines or the checklist template?

  1. Click on the checklist template.
  2. Click on “click here to change” (above the template).
  3. Select the list template that you want to use.

How to make a Christmas list

  1. Select a template from the selection above.
  2. Change the title to whatever you want to appear as a title.
  3. Type the gifts that you are hoping to receive. Click on the A button to add text. You can also print a Santa wish list template and fill it in by hand.

Online Christmas List Maker

Create your own personalized list with this free online list maker. Only the items you select will appear on your personal to-do list. If you do not want to include a section, then disregard it and it will not be included in your custom to-do list.

In order to access your list online from any device, you will need to register. If you only want to access the list maker app from the device that you are currently using, then you do not need to register. You can also download, print, or email to your account.

OpenList Maker

How to make a Christmas List on Amazon

If you like to research products before you decide what to buy for Christmas, you might want to create a Christmas List on Amazon that you can modify until you know exactly what you want to buy for each person.

To create a Christmas list:

  1. Open Amazon.com.
  2. Go to Account & Lists and select Your Lists.
  3. Select Create a List and type “My Christmas List” or whatever you want to call your list.
  4. Select Create List.
  5. Select Save Changes.

If you want to create multiple lists, then repeat this process each time. For example, you can create a list per family, one per person, or a list for friends and one for family. Do whatever works for you.

Once you have created your list, you can select “add to list” from any product page.

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