Letter to Santa

Free letter to Santa template

Create a free printable Santa letter by customizing any letter to Santa template using our free online app. You can print the blank Santa letter template and add your message in your handwriting. If you prefer, you can type the letter before you print. If you want to make free Santa letters with your child’s photo, then click on “add image” to add the photo. If you have an Elf on the Shelf then see our free Elf on the Shelf letter templates.

You can also make a Santa envelope in which to insert your note.

Santa Letter Template

Letter to Santa with a List of Requests

You can change the border on either of these letters.

Letter to Santa

Word Doc | Change the Border

Select four gifts from Santa.

  • Something you want
  • Something you need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

Why 4 gifts?

According to the four-gift rule, each person gets only four gifts for Christmas. This not only simplifies Santa’s Christmas shopping but might also mean more meaningful gifts for the recipient. 

Letter to Santa

Word Doc | Change the Border

Open list of gifts from Santa.

Blank Letter to Santa

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Santa Envelope

You can make free printable Santa envelopes addressed to the North Pole. There is also an option to print an envelope from Santa to your child. Once you have edited the text, print the envelope template. Cut around the template and fold on the dotted lines.
Santa envelope

How to send a letter to Santa?

Writing a letter to Santa Claus is an excellent opportunity to create a family tradition. You can decide how to send your letter to Santa. Either pretend to post it or make up a fun story. My neighbor told her son that her uncle Jim is Santa’s personal friend, so they give all Santa letters to uncle Jim who passes them on. 

How to edit the title?

You can edit or delete the title. For example, if you want to change it to “Santa Claus Letter,” then click on the title and edit the text in the text box that will appear below. You can also change the font, font size, and color of the text.

How to make a Santa list?

If you want to send your list to Santa, you can either use this template, or you can use our free printable Christmas list. Since you can add text to it, you can write “Dear Santa” above your list. You can use the Santa list template to allow children to write their wish list or the gifts that they want to receive. You can also use it to make a list of goals that they want to achieve over the next year to encourage them to make new year resolutions and work towards reaching their goals. 

Do you have a letter from Santa template?

Yes, we do. See our free custom letter from Santa.

What format do the free Santa letters come in?

You can download each letter in PDF format or as a Jpeg or png file.

Can you create a letter in Word format?

There is no need to download software to create the Santa Claus letter template. The app is accessible online, and it is straightforward to customize. However, if you still prefer to use Word, then click on the Word version.

  1. Open the design that you like best.
  2. Download the document.
  3. Open it in Word.
  4. You can now add text in Word.
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