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Wellness Planner

You are always taking care of others, but when last did you take care of yourself? This free printable wellness planner will encourage you to take care of yourself, to love yourself and your life, and focus on your own wellbeing.

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The planner tracks your sleep, your nourishment, and hydration, your moods, your movement and mobility, your self-care, and gratitude, and encourages you to do something each day that makes you feel good. We also offer a free printable 43-page self-care journal.

Printable Wellness Planner

I made this planner for myself to help me focus on self-love and wellness. After using it for 30 days I felt happier, calmer, and more present. I also lost weight since I tend to binge less and want to eat more healthy food when I am feeling self-love.

As a mom, I often find I am too focused on my kids and not enough on myself. I will spend time making my kids food that they enjoy but don’t spend time making food I enjoy or doing things that I love. Even when I don’t have much free time, I find it is enough to spend two minutes doing something I love in order to feel refreshed and regenerated. The problem is that when I am not using a self-love planner, I don’t make sure that I take those few minutes for myself.

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Daily Planner

Editable PDF | Word

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Weekly Planner – Sunday Start

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Weekly Planner – Monday Start

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Customize & Print

The planner pages above include the following sections: sleep, mood, energy, nutrition, water, exercise, mobility, gratitude, self-care (what did I do for myself today), feel-good (at least one thing that I did for myself to make me feel good), morning reflection and evening reflection.

The following sections are included but you can edit the planner if you download the Word version.

  • Self-care (do something that you enjoy such as a manicure or pedicure, moisturize if you don’t usually do that, use a body lotion you don’t usually take the time to use, etc).

>>Commit to Self-Care<<

  • Feel-good (do something that makes you feel good. The possibilities are endless. It can be 2 minutes of meditation, yoga, dancing, singing, a bubble bath, or anything that lifts your spirits and makes you feel good).
  • Gratitude (studies show that taking the time to express gratitude each day can improve our overall wellness and happiness. The idea is to mention things you are grateful for today and not things you wish you will have in the future). See our gratitude journal or 30-day gratitude challenge.
  • Morning reflection (this prompt is intended to focus on your expectations for the day).
  • Evening reflection (this prompt encourages you to reflect on the day. You can identify a positive event, an achievement, or something positive that happened throughout the day).

How to make a wellness planner

Either print the ready-made wellness planner or create your own planner by including additional planner pages from the list below.

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Make this your own by adding the things that make you feel good. You can edit the text and change the doodles.

How to make a wellness journal

If there is a section you don’t want to include in your journal, then simply move on to the next section.

Print a few copies of the planner pages to create a wellness journal. Add blank pages for journaling or pages from the selection above to create your own DIY living-well planner. You only need to include the sections you want to include. Simply click on each section above and decide which ones you want to include and how many copies of each to print. When you have printed all the planner pages you want, you can then bind them together or insert them into a binder or planner with removable pages.

Customize & Print

How to make a wellness plan

Your wellness planner should include your definition of wellness and happiness, a plan to improve overall wellness, and a tracker to ensure that you stick to the plan.

Your wellness plan doesn’t have to be a multiyear complication plan. Sometimes it is enough to spend a few minutes each day focusing on the things that matter to you.

If you ask 100 people what wellness is, you will probably get close to 100 answers. Some people focus on nutrition, others on exercise, some on feelings, relaxation, balance, and others on achieving their goals. Use this planner to achieve your specific goals and reach your definition of wellness. Mix and match the printables or edit the sections in the Word document if you want to make changes. Build your own planner that will be a perfect fit for you.

Self-Care Journal

This free printable 30-day self-care journal has 43 pages.

43 Page PDF

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  1. Well Done!!!

    You have definitely done your research and have created a wonderful Wellness Journal. I love the ‘style’ and colors that you have chosen. Your messages on the left, along with your personal questions to your reader on the right are excellent. I felt peaceful just reading it…without even printing it or asking myself any of the questions — the style, colors, and room for personal writing alone create ‘peace.’ I passed it along to my daughter…
    ~Barb Pierce, M.S. Counseling Psychology


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