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Checklist Template

Create a free printable custom checklist in any format. You can either download blank templates (MS Word, PDF, Google Docs) or create pretty checklists with our onliner designer. Many ready-made checklists for any purpose are available.

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Printable Checklist

Word Checklists

Excel Checklists

Checklist101 Borders

Use our free online checklist maker to customize any checklist template and create your own free printable checklist. Select the border, checklist layout, and edit the text to create the perfect checklist for your needs. You can also make a blank checklist with our free templates for Word or PDF.

Checklist Online


Use our free online list maker to create a checklist online. You can use it online, send it by email or download it and print. If you register, then it will be accessible from any device. If you don’t register, you will still be able to see the checklist that you created each time you return to the checklist app from the same device.

Printable Checklist Template


Printable lists can keep you organized and help you keep track of various things. The title and checklist are customizable so you can use them for any purpose. Creating a list of things to do or buy is important to keep your mind free. When your tasks are on your mind and not on paper or in an app, then you are constantly keeping track of them. Your brain should process information and not store it.

Page Size

The checklists above, print on standard US letter paper size. If you would like to print a checklist to fit most planners, then select your planner size.

How to Make a Checklist

We offer many checklist templates that you can customize to create your own checklist. You get to choose the design, how many lines, and how many columns will appear on your checklist. You can then customize it so it works for you!

Select the Checklist Template

Open the checklist maker and choose a ready-made template or create your own. There are 101 different borders and many checklist templates available.

We have many designs available. Just choose the design that you want to use and start creating your own printable checklist template! This is just a sample of the designs available. You can change everything, so you need not select a perfect template at this stage.

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Select the Background

There are many backgrounds and borders available. If you want a blank checklist, then delete the border by clicking on the trash can on the bottom left corner. If you don’t want a border or background, then you can make a list with our blank Word checklist templates.

Choose the Checklist Template

Checklist makerPinYou can change the contents of the checklist. We have many checklist templates with different check icons (squares, circles and hearts) and various numbers of lines and columns. For example, if you want to create a weekly checklist template, scroll down to find weekly checklists. Mix and match to create a printable check list that is perfect for your needs.

Add/Edit Text

Edit the text to personalize your title/s. You can add any title such as your name, wedding checklist, moving checklist, etc.

Download & Print at Home

You are then free to print as many copies as you want. It is totally free! You can also make different checklists for different purposes.

You can use our free list maker to create a checklist for various purposes, such as:

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