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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

  • Do you start every diet full of motivation only to lose it a short while later?
  • Does every diet start “tomorrow”?
  • Are you looking for motivation to diet?

Diets don’t work. The problem with most diets is that they deal with the symptoms and not the deeper issues such as motivation, self-love and changing your habits. This free 30 day weight loss challenge will help you deal with the obstacles that have been preventing you from losing weight in the past.

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We also offer journals that will help you through the challenge with motivational quotes, journal opportunities, and other helpful tools.

There are two versions of this weight loss challenge. One is for those who tend to binge eat and are considered emotional eaters. The other is for those who are not.

Choose the version that best describes you. Not sure if you are an emotional eater? Read up about it here. I was looking for a solution on how to stop emotional eating and I couldn’t find one that helped me so I made this journal to help myself. I am hoping that it might help others too. I find that when I sleep enough, express gratitude and do nice things for myself every day I don’t want to binge eat. The problem is that sometimes life gets hectic, stress gets in the way and I land up eating again. This 30 day journal keeps me accountable and ensures that I do the things that make me feel good. When I feel good about myself, I want to give my body nutritious whole foods instead of processed foods and foods with added sugar.

The regular 30-day challenge does not deal with wellness, self-love and gratitude. However, even for those who don’t binge eat, these are things that are important to incorporate in your day-to-day life and can improve your mood and outlook on life.

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47 Pages

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41 Pages

This 47-page booklet includes the guidelines for your challenge, planners to help you track and stick to the 30-day weight loss challenge, and tools to help you when your willpower fades. Each person will have different goals and objectives which is why this booklet is totally customizable so that it works for YOU. Each page has various options to enable you to choose the best option for you. There are many 30-day challenge ideas for weight loss in the journal. Feel free to skip pages that you don’t think will be helpful to you. Go through each page below and if you don’t want to print it then you can select another version that works for you. Put all the pages together and file them in a binder. To print another version of any page, click on the link next to that page where you can select another version of that printable and customize it before you print it.

If you like to color and embellish your journal then feel free to make it yours!

What to do when you want to binge

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This page is right in the beginning of the journal so that it is accessible when you need it. Use it when you want to binge it. It helps you get in touch with your emotions and discover what you are feeling and why. It also helps you understand how you will feel if you give in. Use this page whenever you need it and make additional copies if you need them.

Motivational Quotes

There are many motivational quotes in the journal. Print them all or only the ones that you like, They will keep you motivated.

Water Tracker

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There is a 30 day water tracker. I find that I often confuse thirst with hunger. It helps me to drink more.

Workout Tracker

Decide on a workout routine that will work for you and schedule it in this workout calendar for the next 30 days. Each day, mark the workout once you complete it. There is a key on the right-hand side. Mark cardio workouts with any color – say pink. Then, when you schedule a cardio workout in the calendar, use a pink pen or a pink highlighter.

workout trackerPin
This is a workout tracker. Mark your workouts every day for 30 days.

Which workout should you do? If you are lucky enough to have a personal trainer, then your trainer can help you schedule workouts according to your fitness goals. If not, find a fitness program that works for you. There are many programs online for different difficulty levels.

If you don’t have time for a long workout each day, then why not try the 7-minute workout for Apple or Android. With these apps, you’ll feel like you have a personal trainer since they guide you on proper form and motivate you. The Apple app even gauges your fitness and motivation level and recommends different workout programs along with intensity increases. They include fat-burning exercises as well as those that develop your muscles with your body weight (you don’t need dumbbells or any other equipment). If you have a mat, then that’s great but you can do them anywhere without any equipment.

If you need more detailed workout logs you can find them for free on this site.

Don’t forget to consult with your doctor before you start exercising.

The Rules – 4 Habits you will work on for the next 30 days

This is a 30-day challenge but that isn’t really the goal. The goal is to get a taste of a new lifestyle that you can sustain forever. In order to do this, we will need to change old habits with new healthy habits. Remember, if you don’t make any changes then nothing will change!

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Decide on the guidelines for the next 30 days. Choose 4 things you want to work on. I chose: no sugar, hydrate, eat 5 fruit and vegetables each day, and workout each day. If you want to set other goals then go to the habit tracker page and choose the things you want to work on. If you prefer to make gradual changes, then set only one or two new rules. There are many options on that page and you will find one that works for you.

When I first did this challenge, I decided that I would go 30 days without sugar and from the second week I would give up white bread as well. The next time I did it I cut out white bread from day 1. Make rules that will work for you.

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Use this page to write down goals. These are the things you are going to do to get where you want to be. They might include working out first thing in the morning to ensure you get it done or getting rid of temptations at home.

Sleep Tracker

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This sleep tracker will track your sleep every day for the next 30 days. When we are tired we tend to overeat. It can also trigger emotional eating. Track your sleep from the night before. So, you will track your first night’s sleep one night before you start the challenge.

If you don’t have this problem, then feel free to skip this page.


This section is important for your mindset. It will help motivate you to complete the challenge. If you have moments when you want to abandon your new healthy lifestyle then open this section and read it again.

Add a picture that motivates youPin

Add a picture that motivates you

What are the reasons you want to lose weight?Pin

What are the reasons you want to lose weight?

When you need motivation then look back at these two pages.

Commitment Contract

Another way to get motivation is via a commitment contract. This is not part of the journal but you can print it and add it. Open the Commitment Contract and either type in your details before you print or fill out the printed form afterward. Don’t forget to sign it as this is a binding agreement!

Weight Loss Tracker

These weight loss tracker printables will track both your weight and your measurements. Sometimes we don’t see a loss on the scale and we get frustrated. Make an effort to add your measurements to prevent this frustration if it happens.

Add your measurements of your arms, hips, chest, waist, and thighs (right leg and left leg) before and after the challenge.

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Weight loss trackerPin

Self Love and Gratitude

self lovePin
self lovePin

There are many pages to express gratitude and to encourage self-love. When I feel better about myself I want to respect my body and feed it nutritious food.

Week 1, 2, 3 and 4

The next sections of the weight loss journal are divided into four weeks. Each week has the following pages:

Menu Plan and Food Log

This section is related to nutrition but there are no diet plans here. Either consult with your doctor or choose a diet plan that you know works for you. Whatever you do, don’t deprive yourself. Prepare delicious food that you will enjoy without too many restrictions. It is better to lose weight slowly and to keep it off than to lose more and gain it back when you start eating “normally”. Try to make healthy changes that you can stick to long term. I personally try to eat according to Michael Pollan’s book “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto” where his motto is to “eat food mainly plants”. The idea is to eat real food (as opposed to processed food) and eat mainly plants (for each meal your plate should be more than half full of vegetables).

menu planPin

This is a menu plan to plan your meals.

food logPin

This is a food log to log what you actually ate. When I write down what I eat, I tend to eat less. There is a section for breakfast, lunch, supper, and a snack or two.

Grocery List

In order to start this 30-day challenge, you need to ensure that you have the healthy foods that you commit to eating at home. Choose the grocery list that best suits your needs.

Make sure that you go shopping before you start if you are not stocked up with healthy foods for the first day at least.

Make a Bucket List for the 30 days

One of the most difficult parts of a 30-day weight loss challenge is overcoming cravings for the things that you are not eating during your 30-day challenge. My goal for the challenge was to go without sugar for 30 days and there were times when my kids’ candy bars were tormenting me. I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

The goal of this bucket list is to think of a few things that you will do during the 30 days to shift your focus on to other things that are not related to the cravings that you might have during your 30-day challenge.

Here are some ideas from my bucket list (feel free to add my ideas to your list or to make up your own list): try 2 new fruits that I don’t usually eat, try 5 new vegetables that I don’t usually cook, make 2 new healthy recipes that I haven’t tried before, go snorkeling, play basketball with my kids (besides spending quality time with my kids it keeps me busy and burns calories but somehow I rarely take the time to do it), have a picnic dinner at the beach, buy one new product that I have never tried from a health store and use it, go ice skating with my kids.

If you are looking for things to keep yourself busy during the 30 days then you can use this time to create a longer bucket list for the rest of your life.

Print a Bucket List

Journal Pages

There are some blank journal pages to write as often as you want to. There are many benefits of journaling.

For example, you can write about the following:

List of Things to Do When Your Willpower Fades

There will be times when you want to stop the challenge because your willpower fades and you will consider starting “tomorrow”. A craving is a feeling that passes if we let it and don’t act on it.

Make a list of things to take your mind off your cravings when they hit. My list includes things like taking a bubble bath, manicure, or pedicure, going to try on clothes at my favorite store, making a healthy smoothie, tidying my cupboard, watching a movie, going for a walk, calling a friend, and experimenting with makeup.

Try to think of things that will make you feel better about yourself.

Are you wondering if this is not the same as the bucket list that you prepared earlier? That list is for things that you want to get done even though you don’t usually do them. This list is for things that you know that you love doing but might not think of doing when a craving starts. For example, a bubble bath isn’t something that you would put on your bucket list but it will probably make you feel better until your craving passes.

Weight Loss Challenge Ideas

Here are some ideas for a weight loss challenge:

A weight loss challenge can be a fun and motivating way to achieve fitness goals. Here are some ideas to consider when planning a weight loss challenge:

  1. Team Challenge: Create teams of participants who will support and motivate each other throughout the challenge. You can have friendly competitions between teams, with rewards for the winning team.
  2. Duration: Decide on the duration of the challenge. Typically, challenges run from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on participants’ goals and commitment levels.
  3. Goals and Metrics: Clearly define the goals and how progress will be measured. Common metrics include weight loss in pounds or percentage, inches lost, or even body fat percentage.
  4. Weekly Weigh-Ins: Require participants to weigh in regularly, such as once a week, to track their progress. Consider using a consistent scale and time of day for accuracy.
  5. Nutrition Education: Provide participants with resources and information on healthy eating habits, portion control, and meal planning. Consider inviting a nutritionist or dietitian to give a talk or offer guidance.
  6. Fitness Challenges: Incorporate fitness challenges into the program. These could include group workouts, step challenges, or specific exercise goals to complement the weight loss efforts.
  7. Prizes and Incentives: Offer prizes or incentives for achieving specific milestones or for the top achievers. Prizes could include fitness equipment, gym memberships, or even cash rewards.
  8. Supportive Community: Create a supportive online or in-person community where participants can share their experiences, challenges, and successes. Encourage peer support and camaraderie.
  9. Tracking Tools: Provide participants with tools to track their food intake, exercise, and progress. We offer many free trackers on this site.
  10. Accountability Partners: Pair participants up as accountability partners who can check in with each other regularly and offer support and encouragement.
  11. Educational Workshops: Host workshops or seminars on topics like stress management, sleep, and emotional eating, as these can all impact weight loss efforts.
  12. Before-and-After Photos: Encourage participants to take before-and-after photos to visually track their progress. These photos can be powerful motivators.
  13. Celebrate Successes: Recognize and celebrate the achievements of participants throughout the challenge. This can include small rewards for reaching individual goals.
  14. Health and Safety: Emphasize the importance of safe and sustainable weight loss. Encourage participants to consult with healthcare professionals before starting any new diet or exercise program.
  15. Feedback and Evaluation: At the end of the challenge, gather feedback from participants to learn what worked well and what could be improved for future challenges.

Remember that a weight loss challenge should promote healthy habits and positive self-image rather than extreme or unsustainable methods. Tailor the challenge to the needs and preferences of your participants to create an engaging and effective program.

30-day Weight Loss Challenge Ideas

A 30-day weight loss challenge can provide a short-term focus to kickstart healthier habits. Here are some ideas for a 30-day weight loss challenge:

  1. Daily Workout Challenge: Create a daily workout routine that participants can follow, increasing in intensity as the month progresses. Include a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. See workout tracker.
  2. Healthy Eating Challenge: Challenge participants to eat clean for 30 days, focusing on whole foods, lean proteins, vegetables, and limited processed foods. Provide meal plans and recipes for guidance.
  3. Step Challenge: Encourage participants to track their daily steps and set a target step count to reach each day. Provide incentives for meeting step goals.
  4. No Sugar Challenge: Challenge participants to eliminate added sugars from their diet for 30 days. This can be a powerful way to reduce calorie intake and curb sugar cravings.
  5. Portion Control Challenge: Teach participants about portion sizes and challenge them to practice portion control at each meal. Offer visual aids or tools to help them gauge portions.
  6. Hydration Challenge: Challenge participants to drink a specific amount of water each day. Staying hydrated can support weight loss and overall health. See water trackers.
  7. Intermittent Fasting Challenge: Introduce participants to intermittent fasting, where they restrict eating to specific hours of the day. Provide guidelines and options for different fasting schedules.
  8. Meal Prep Challenge: Encourage participants to plan and prep their meals for the week ahead. This helps control portions and ensures they have healthy options readily available. See meal plan template.
  9. No-Snacking Challenge: Challenge participants to avoid snacking between meals for 30 days. This can help reduce overall calorie intake.
  10. Dietary Swap Challenge: Encourage participants to swap out unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives. For example, replace sugary drinks with water or replace chips with veggies and hummus.
  11. Daily Journaling: Have participants keep a daily journal to track their meals, exercise, emotions, and progress. Journaling can help identify patterns and triggers for overeating. See our free weight loss bullet journal or journal templates.
  12. Sleep Challenge: Challenge participants to prioritize getting a full night’s sleep (7-9 hours) consistently for 30 days. Quality sleep supports weight loss and overall well-being. See sleep tracker.
  13. Mindful Eating Challenge: Teach participants mindful eating techniques, such as eating slowly, savoring each bite, and paying attention to hunger and fullness cues. See intuitive eating.
  14. Cooking Challenge: Encourage participants to cook at least one homemade meal each day, emphasizing nutritious ingredients and portion control.
  15. Support and Accountability: Create a supportive community where participants can share their experiences, challenges, and successes throughout the 30 days. Accountability partners can be helpful.
  16. Before-and-After Photos: Encourage participants to take before-and-after photos to visually track their progress. These photos can be motivating and provide a sense of accomplishment.
  17. Weekly Challenges: Introduce different weekly challenges, such as a 7-day sugar detox, a week of intense workouts, or a week of clean eating.
  18. Consultation with a Nutritionist or Trainer: Offer participants the option to consult with a nutritionist or fitness trainer for personalized guidance and support during the challenge.
  19. Rewards and Prizes: Offer prizes or rewards for participants who achieve their goals or show significant progress. This can be a powerful incentive.

Remember to promote healthy and sustainable weight loss practices throughout the challenge. Encourage participants to consult with healthcare professionals before starting any new diet or exercise program, especially if they have underlying health conditions.

Disclaimer: Before embarking on any new diet or exercise program, it is crucial to prioritize your health and safety.

We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional before participating in any weight loss challenge or making significant changes to your diet or exercise routine.

Your health history, current medical conditions, medications, and individual needs can all play a vital role in determining what approach to weight loss is safe and appropriate for you. A healthcare professional can provide personalized guidance, evaluate any potential risks, and help you create a plan that aligns with your unique health circumstances and goals.

Please be aware that any information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes and should not replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new diet or exercise program, and follow their recommendations to ensure a safe and effective weight loss journey.

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