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Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

Tracking your sleep, habits, period, mood, etc. is important for a number of reasons but sometimes difficult to do. Use our free bullet journal app to create personalized trackers in 2 minutes. See beautiful bullet journal tracker ideas below.

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A bullet journal tracker can be used to track almost anything from the TV shows you watch to how much sleep you get each night. BuJo trackers are very popular and you can see some amazing spreads on the internet.

In the Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll, the creator of the bullet journal, warns against creating trackers that don’t add any value to your life. For example, if you track the TV shows you watch to remember where you are in a series or to limit your screen time then the tracker adds value. However, if you simply add every TV show you watch then it can be a waste of your valuable time.

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

Customize & Print

Bullet Journal Monthly Tracker

This monthly tracker bullet journal style helps you track anything you want on a monthly basis. Bullet tracking on a monthly basis is perfect if you are tracking more than one thing. You can edit the text and add doodles or embellishments from the extensive free gallery.

Yearly Tracker

This BuJo annual tracker enables you to see a year at a glance.

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Specific Trackers

Here are some things to track in your bullet journal.

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal

A BuJo habit tracker is a great way to keep track of habits you want to develop or change. There are many different habit tracker ideas available on this site and you are sure to find one you love. Since all printables are customizable you can use them for any habit. You can change the doodles and the titles.

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Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal

Keep track of how many hours of sleep you get each night with these sleep trackers. You can also track sleep quality and any other factors you think may affect your sleep (such as caffeine, medication, etc).


Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

Mood TrackersPin

Water Tracker Bullet Journal

When you start tracking your water intake you will automatically drink more water. There are a few different templates available.

Food Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker

See workout tracker

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Bullet Journal Period TrackersPin

Bullet Journal Movie Tracker

Track the movies you watched or the movies you would like to watch.

Here are some more bullet journal tracker ideas.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker

Bullet journal book trackerPin

Use a bullet journal book tracker to track the books you read or the books you want to read in the future. Write the name of each book on the book’s spine in the picture. This is only a sample of the templates available.

Medicine Tracker

This medication tracker bullet journal style can be used to ensure you never forget to take your medication.

Is there a tracker bullet journal style that you were looking for and never found here? Please leave a comment and we will add it to the selection.

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