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Seating Chart

Save time and create a free seating chart for your wedding, event or classroom with no fuss (and it looks good too!).

Use our free seating chart maker to create a unique custom seating chart template for your specific needs.

Classroom Seating Chart

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Create a classroom seating chart template with our free customizable printables or use our free online seating chart maker app.

Your classroom seating plan must reflect the layout of your classroom, the number of students in the class, and your teaching style. Planning the ideal classroom layout is one of the best ways to create an effective learning environment. The ideal seating plan will allow teachers to manage their students and class activities more effectively.

Seating Chart Maker

Although we offer a wide variety of free classroom templates, in the event you don’t find a classroom layout similar to yours, you can create a custom plan with our free seating chart generator. With a click of your mouse, you can add desks, chairs, and storage, and drag the items to create your unique classroom layout. With a click of your mouse, you can add elements such as desks and chairs.

If you are a teacher then the following printables might interest you:

Wedding Seating Chart

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We offer seating charts for square, rectangle, and round tables. You can also choose the number of people at each table. There are four versions for each table: 4, 6, 8, or 10 people per table.

There are many benefits to creating a table plan for your wedding. It will help prevent many potential problems including:

  • Couples, families, or groups of friends who arrive late and don’t find anywhere to sit together.
  • People who don’t get along being forced to sit together.
  • You might also find yourself with several empty chairs scattered randomly throughout the room.
  • Most guests find it awkward to walk into a hall and not know where to sit. They might have to walk around looking for a table with enough empty seats to sit their family.

Wedding Seating List

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Create a wedding table seating chart to show guests where their assigned seat is. You can choose the border, fonts, colors, etc. Add each guest’s name to the relevant table number.

If you are preparing for a wedding then the following printables might interest you:


Table Seating Chart

Even though seating charts are very useful, they are often time-consuming and expensive to create. We provide a super efficient and free solution to create your seating plan. Our free seating plan maker will help you create a seating plan template that is perfect for your needs.
Once you have decided on the seating arrangements you can create a pretty seating chart free of charge! Our pre-made seating templates will help you get started and personalize your seating plan in minutes.

We also offer a spreadsheet that will take your guest list and create a wedding reception seating chart. You can also add food preferences if your guests have allergies or special requests.

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